Friday, March 13, 2009

Rest, Concerts, Appointments, and Sunshine....

It is FINALLY spring break and I could not be more excited!!  I don't really have a whole lot planned, and that's partly why I am so ecstatic!  I want to sleep late, wear my pj's most of the day, and do NOTHING!!! lol

However, there are a few events that I am totally super duper excited about.  The first include these three gentlemen:

Brandon and I have had tickets to this concert forever and we are so excited to go tomorrow night!  We have very good, floor seats and I can't wait to see the show.  There are supposed to be a bunch of people going that I know, so I hope to run in to some people I haven't had the chance to see in a while.  My biggest decision for tomorrow night is what to wear with this growing belly and crazy weather! lol

The other event that I'm most excited about kinda happened on a whim....I received an email last week reminding me about the concert and it showed upcoming concerts and I saw New Kids on the Block listed.  (Hence the reason for the new  I knew they were coming to Nashville, but I figured the tickets were sold out.  So, I just clicked to see what kind, if any, tickets were are not giong to believe this..........we could get tickets in section 2!  SECTION 2!!!!!  RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE!  I could not believe it.  So, my other exciting event involves one of my best friends and these 5 men:

I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WAIT!!!  Monday night, my friend Angela and I are going to see NKOTB and again, sitting in floor seats.  Since I didn't buy them at that moment, we are now in section 4, but still have awesome seats!  We are both like giddy teenage girls waiting for this concert!  We will so leave w/ t-shirts and everything. lol  

Other than that, I really don't have any plans.  I have a doctor's appointment (surprise, surprise) in Nashville on Wednesday, and that's it!  So, I hope to maybe get some stuff accomplished around the house and maybe work on Harper's room a little.  I feel so far behind when I see people who is less pregnant than me with their rooms completely finished.  The crib isn't here, the bedding isn't here, the paint isn't picked out, the room isn't completely cleaned out.....ahhhhh!  I feel like I have so much to do...but then again I step back and think....she'll never know it if her room isn't perfectly finished when we bring her home.  There are much bigger fish to fry, but I do want to get things moving before I get too big.

Speaking of getting big, people keep telling me that if they didn't know I was pregnant, that they wouldn't know it.  As much as that is a total compliment, I am going to start wearing more maternity clothes so people know I'm not just putting on more weight. lol  By the time I start looking pregnant, she'll be almost here. lol  So, I'll update some pics soon since I am finally starting to appear pregnant....and starting my 3rd trimester tomorrow, I think that's definitely a good thing....but keep in mind, I have a lot of room to carry this girl! lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'll be singing loudly for several days and Harper will probably be kicking me to death begging me to hush! LOL



Annette said...

Hope your date with hubby was great going to the concert. I would love to have seen them. It's good you're having a girls night out with your friend.
Glad you are doing well.

*e* said...

You do have more plans!! With me!! :)