Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr's Appt, Good Deals, Babies, and Swatches.....

Today, I had a dr's appt. at Vanderbilt and Brandon had to work, so my mama offered to go with me!  Well, we decided to just make a day of it and get some things accomplished before we headed to Nashville.  So, we started off by looking for a few maternity things for me because I really need a few odds and ends.  Well, we went to Ross and Marshall's first and found a few really cute tops that aren't necessarily maternity and can be worn later....LOVE THEM...and don't you know, I got a super deal on them all!  (I'll try to post pics later!)  Then, we had lunch at the Chop House and it was AWESOME!  I had never been there, but I will definitely be back!  Then, we made another stop or two and headed toward the hospital!

Well, may I say, my appt. went wonderfully!  She said she thought I was doing perfect!  I love hearing all these great things from my dr's when people are so quick to tell you all the negative things that could happen.  And, to top that off, I have a test ran every time I go to the diabetic dr. called a hemoglobin a1c, and it is an indicator of how your sugars have been running over the course of 3 or 4 months.  Well, they like for it to stay around 6 to 7.  Needless to say, before getting pregnant, my last a1c was either 8.4 or 8.8!  NOT GOOD, but I've definitely heard of worse.  So, as soon as I got pregnant, I went down there, and mine was 7.  Much better, but needed to be lower.  Next appt....6.4!  Awesome!  Then, the next appt was after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years' (plus I had been kinda sick w/ a sinus infection which causes my sugars to run high) and it was 6.7.  My dr. said that was really good considering everything that had been going on.  Well, guess what?????  Today, my a1c was......6.4!!!!!!!  I was soooooooo excited!  I feel so good and I am so glad that my health is in control.

So, other good news, some friends of ours finally delivered their baby girl today at 36 weeks and she is just perfect!  They have had so much trouble trying to get a healthy baby into this world and to see her in person all healthy w/ chubby cheeks is just an absolute miracle and we are so happy for them and their new family!

LAST, my fabric swatches for my bedding came today!  YAY!!!  I was so excited...I've been waiting on these a while and I was so anxious to get home and see them.  The colors are so much prettier in person and I can't wait to see how the bedding turns out!  So, tomorrow, I am off to the paint store to pick out wall colors....can't wait!  I'll be sure to post before and after pics when the room is painted!  

Well, it's getting late and I'm going wedding dress shopping with my little cousin makes me feel sooooo old! lol  But, I am so excited and I hope we can at least help her get a better idea of what she's looking for!  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday!


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Annette said...

That's great news!!! Glad mama and baby are doing well. Also, glad you got to have some mother/daughter time. I know I used to love to spend doctor days with my mom when hubby was working. Keep up the good work with your sugar.