Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing catch-up...

I have been wanting to blog everyday this week, but I have definitely kept myself busy throughout Spring Break!  I haven't gotten just a whole lot done, but that's okay....I've had a whole lot of fun! :) lol

One thing that I did was shop for paint for Harper's room.  We have said since we knew that it was a girl and I picked out bedding, that the room would be pink.  Weeelllllll, after we saw the fabric in person, I was afraid that it was going to be waaayyyy too much pink!  So, we have decided to go with a very soft, pretty green instead and then we are going to accent w/ pink.  Brandon went by Saturday morning and got samples of the two greens we were trying to decide between and told me he painted a little on the wall for me to see.  Here's what I came home to....There are green squares all around her room!!!  I just had to laugh.  He said he wanted to see it from every angle and in every light! lol  He's such a mess!  We have decided on the darker green because, as you can see, the lighter looks yellow.  And, as I mentioned, we are accenting w/ pink, and here's a sneak peak into one project I've started for her nursery....I'll update pics when it's finished!

Also, this week, I have done quite a bit of sewing.  It is soooo fun and soooo relaxing.  AND, I sold my first dress....I thought it turned out too cute and obviously others did too because I have already had another girl wanting one! lol  I AM NOT starting a business, but I did do these for a friend!  I am by no means good at this, and I just wanted to do it for me and my amusement....never did I ever imagine anyone would want to pay for my stuff....I think that is completely hilarious!  But, I'm flattered that they like it so well!  Here's a little something that I threw together (lol) for my niece today...I plan on making capris out of the striped material w/ a floral ruffle, but this is what we have for now...this is part of her Easter present!  But, I know she will look so sweet in whatever she decides to wear!  

Speaking of looking sweet, I bought Harper's little coming home outfit yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  I was going to buy her something all fancy, and then decided better of it! lol  I figured she and I would both be much more comfortable if she wore this instead....Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  I can't wait to wash and iron it and bring my baby girl home!  I can't believe that it's even remotely close to that time!!!

Other than that, we also received another item in the mail this week...I love, love, love it!  We ordered our highchair w/ some money that I got as a gift from school and it came early Friday morning and I just had to get Brandon to put it together before I could go to bed Friday night! lol  Isn't it beautiful?  It has a khaki cover also, but it's getting a little personalized, so I'll have to post pics of the actual finished product later!  I'm sooooooo excited!

And, to end this long post, (lol) I actually remembered to take another belly pic this week.  What's funny is that I don't even look as pregnant as I did last week.  I had on a little hosiery (and was miserable, by the way), and it concealed it a little bit! lol  You can tell by the pic that I didn't feel just great this morning.....I guess that's what you get when you have pretty bad allergies and live in the nursery capitol of the world! lolHowever, I am going to bed pretty early tonight and hope to get a good night's rest because it is back to the real world tomorrow....Spring Break is over!!  I'm sad, but the sooner we go back, the sooner we get out for summer....which means Miss Harper will be here! YAY!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful work week!  I'm off to bed........xoxo


Jaima said...

I looove all of your baby stuff and the name Harper. I just created a blog to keep in touch with everyone for the wedding. Please dont judge my blog lol. Hope you are wonderful!


Brandie said...

I love your colors! Good job! I am also imoressed with your sewing ability. That is something I wish I could do!