Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harper is 7 months old!!

Well, technically, she's 7 and 1/2 months old now...but better late that never, right? ha! :)  Harper is growing waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast, as I say every month, but we are enjoying her so much!  She's gotten to be quite a little handful but it's so cute.  She is into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!  It's so funny...if you leave the room for 2 seconds, you better run back and check on her just to make sure she's not under the couch or playing w/ the computer! lol

So, what all is Harper up to at 7 months:

-She still sleeps wonderfully at night and usually takes a few naps through the day!

- She eats cereal and fruit for breakfast, 2 veggies at lunch, and usually 2 at night.  She usually only takes around 4 six ounce bottles each day.

-She is a crawling machine and (at 7 months) she was trying to figure out how to pull up!  She definitley has the hang of it now.  She finally realized how to do it Sunday 1/24 and hasn't stopped since.  She stands up everywhere now!

-She smiles all the time and is such a happy baby!

-She is definitely beginning to get her own little personality.  We now KNOW if she doesn't like something or isn't happy!  It's funny to a point...but she's gotten to where she'll throw little fits...that's where it stops being funny! lol

-She lights up when either of us come in the room...and it really is the sweetest thing I've ever seen!  :)

Well, it looks like I'll be doing her 8 month post soon! ha! It's sooooooooo hard to believe that it's been almost 8 months since we had the sweetest blessing on Earth!

xoxo, Kara C:

Harper's hobbies...

Watching Mickey Mouse...

Crawling everywhere and getting into everything...

Pulling up like a big girl...

Watching momma and daddy through the slats in her bed and smiling ear to ear...Making us the happiest most blessed Momma and Daddy in the world...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You gotta crawl before you walk...and Harper Claire's a crawlin.... heard me right! I had really thought that Harper would crawl before Christmas, but she just couldn't figure out how to get going! She could get practically anywhere she wanted, but she would scoot and roll and go backwards! ha:)

So, we really have been trying to convince her to come forwards! lol We've put stuff down in front of her and she's inched that way a time or two...BUT tonight she just took off. She's still a little wobbly, as you'll see, but all in all, she's got it! I text some of my friends and told them and almost all of them said, "Well now you won't be able to keep up with her!" ha:) Everytime she's in the floor playing and I go into our bedroom for something I always look behind me like I expect her to be following me....and now she actually might! :)

Just wanted to share another milestone with you! Hope you're having a wonderful week! We teachers, I know, are trying to get back in the swing of things, but it's hard after being off for almost 3 weeks! It's been soooooooo nice, but it's rough trying to get back into the groove! I'll be glad to see Friday! ha:) Then, we're off on Monday, so we get another 4 day week! You sure can't beat that! Enjoy your long weekend!

xoxo, Kara C:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Who could have any worries in the world when you have this sweet face to look at and love on all the time??  I sure can't.....I'm so lucky!She just loves her little baby doll that Kaye got her.  It's the cutest thing with little rolls on it's legs and arms!  It's so sweet and I've never seen one like it before.  Harper and I named her Mia! ha:)  Harper's main goal is to pull off her hat and jacket!  She loves to be naked, so she must think her baby dolls do too!  Don't you just love it?  I could eat her up!  And, since I've been off through Christmas, and then for snow, it was t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. leaving her this morning! TERRIBLE!  I know she's taken good care of while I'm working, so that makes it easier....BUT, BUT there's nothing better in the world than being home with her.  (And her daddy spending the day with us isn't too bad either! ha:)

Not a lot has happened lately, so I just wanted to share two of my fave faces with you tonight...Aren't they sweet in their Pioneer gear?  I know I'm not biased at all! ha:)

xoxo, Kara C:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas with the Fustons

Well, I guess it's better late than never, but I finally copied over the pics from Aunt Randi's camera!  It's so hard to believe that Christmas has already came and gone again!  Time really does fly once you have children....and I'M NOT LIKING IT!!!  I remember those terrible high school years when it felts like those four drama filled years took F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!!  Now, it seems like a year goes by with the blink of an eye.

But, without further ado, here's the rest of our Christmas celebration pictures...

Harper was sleepy..but at least Daddy cooperated...She was finally beginning to figure out how to open the presents...although she just wanted to play with the tissue paper and box! ha!Irene is all the time taking food somewhere, for something/someone, so we decided to get her a market tote to help get around w/ all of her goodies...Randall is always trying to trick everyone when it comes to their gifts.  He hides money in candy boxes or in the bottom of a perfume box, anywhere.... So, this year, Brandon wanted to trick him a little bit.  We put a pair of houseshoes in this huge box and then put random things in the box to help weigh it down to throw him off...and he was surprised!Harper had begun to start getting around a little around Christmas, so of course she wanted her hands on the action...the video camera!  And, Uncle A tried his best to stay out of the way of the camera...but we caught him! ha:)This boy cracks me up...he's so particular about what he wears, drives, everything!  So, he definitely had to make a big deal out of some sweet baby drool....Sorry Uncle A! lol  He really didn't care, but we had to pick on him a little bit about it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Harper's a busy girl!

WHEW! I remember when she was all tiny and just slept and ate what felt like all the time. Brandon and I talked everyday about how much easier it was than we ever thought and that we'd like to have another one....SOON! W-E-L-L....let me just tell you...Harper has gotten busier and so have we! ha:) It's definitely not a bad thing, but it's definitely made me re-think the whole wanting to have another one soon idea! lol I enjoy being a momma sooooooooo much...much more than I even thought I would. I always say that God meant for me to be a momma and I truly believe that! But, since Harper has gotten around more, I've realized that having a kid is work! I know those of you with toddlers running around everywhere like crazy are laughing your head off saying, "She thinks she's busy now...just wait!" ha:) I know! I wouldn't trade my active 6 month old for anything in the world! It just makes me realize that two small kiddos may be out of the question!

So, what is Harper doing? Well she can get a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. she wants just by scooting and crawling backwards. She did take a few forward crawls tonight and we were so excited! Then, on Sun, Jan 3, she sat alone for the first time! I was so excited! I just kept saying Yay! and clapping my hands and she would just grin so big like she knew she had done something special! ha:) Excuse my beautiful self in the photo, I had to stay close to make sure she didn't topple over...which she's done several times! So now her new thing is crawling backwards, then she'll put out one foot and turn herself around a few times, then go from the crawling stance to sitting...and she's so proud of herself when she does this!This Sunday, we were at B's parents' house and she was sitting in the floor playing with her daddy's Mickey Mouse...She LOVES it! She would just squeal at him, then knock him was so cute!

So, what else is she doing...Well we have "introduced" her to a sippy cup, but she's not real crazy about it just yet! She'd rather just chew on the tip and throw it on the ground than actually drink anything out of it! My mom thinks it's too early, and the dr. said anytime between 6-9 months, but I hated for her to be 9 months old before she ever held/saw/experienced one. So, typically, I give it to her once a day with juice and let her play with it. She's getting better and has actually learned how to get a little bit out! But here's what I think she really thinks about her new cup....

Also, Aunt Randi helped Harper contribute to a great missionary work. The son of a teacher that I work with goes to Honduras every summer to do mission work. He is graduating in May with a social work degree and going back over there for the summer. After his last trip, he and his friend began talking about how there were no libraries over there. They then came up with this idea of making a mobile library to take to these 10 (I think) close villages and letting the children check out books. WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA!!! So, she has bought several herself, but also asked if any teacher would like to pick a title to buy to send, or to donate money to go toward books they don't have yet. She's then going to put a name plate inside each book with the person's name who bought/donated it. So, Aunt Randi let Harper send two books...I thought that was a wonderful idea! Harper is so blessed to be surrounded by teachers and has a plethora of books, so I was glad she was able to do this. I plan on just giving her some money and letting her buy books that have not yet been purchased! However, she did have the Twilight series in Spanish that I was really tempted to buy! Honduras MUST be introduced to the world of Edward! ha:)

And, last but not least, the thing that has caused us the most problems...or laundry should I say! We have been going through bibs and burp cloths like C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Harper has been a drooling monster since she was almost 3 months old, but it's gotten considerably worse over the last few months. WELL, my mom found that Harper cut her first tooth on Christmas day! What a great present. As I started looking, I noticed the next day that the one right beside it was about to cut through too...and sure enough it did 2 days later. We were super duper excited to see some toothies! And she's so cute showing them off too. BUT, of course when I tried to get a picture of her toothies, she did everything but want to show them to me...

Shoot...still can't see them...So I decided to just dig for

And then the little turkey decided to flash a big smile to mommy and I got em! Yay...sweet success! lolShe is such a mess and we wouldn't have it any other way. It seems like she's growing, changing, and doing something new every single day! We have such a wonderful life and I'm so thankful for my sweet baby girl! She started doing one more thing right before we left for a birthday party tonight...I'll just have to show you later! (It's good...check back!)

I'm going to have to go to bed! I've been out of school for almost a week and it looks like it's about to come to an end...I wish we could get just one more day...but I've said that everyday! ha:) So, I better try to get some rest so I can educate some young minds tomorrow! :)

xoxo, Kara C:

Welcome 2010!

I know I'm several days late...and I hope this is NOT how the rest of my year will be! ha:)  I'll be honest, I really haven't wanted to do this post because it makes me sad!  Sad because 2009 was, so far, the best year of my life!  I think you all know why...This little angel has brought more love and joy to our lives than we ever thought imaginable!  If you are reading this and trying to decide whether to conceive/adopt/whatever....DO IT!!!  It is the BEST decision we have ever made in our whole life!  

And, with 2010, I know that I have to plan a 1st birthday party! :(  I am so excited and already shopping around for her party supplies, but at the same time.....first birthday!!!  How can the first year already be 1/2 over??  Oh...the grief! lol  

But, also in 2010, we have an awesome trip to the beach planned that will be super fun, my little cousin is getting married so we are working on an awesome bridal shower for her, then looking forward to her wedding, then the next weekend will the birthday party!  So, I'm going to really try to build my excitement for that as I also look forward to the sun and sand....and the birthday behind me! ha:)

For 2010, there are several things I want:

1.  I want to be a better Christian, mother, wife, daughter, and teacher.

2.  I want to be successful in my goal of losing weight.  (Ideally, I'd love to lose 50-70 lbs.  Right now, I'm at 13.4....wish me luck!)

3.  I want to quit worrying about the small stuff and things that don't matter and put all my faith in God.  He will take care of us!  

4.  I want to feel like I am doing the best things for me and my family!  There are days that I doubt my decisions and am filled with sadness and guilt for not being able to stay at home with my baby...but I want to know that it's what God has planned for our family!

5.  I want to work on always being happy and seeing the positive side of every situation!

6.  I created this blog to keep a journal of our life/what we do...and I want to be better at blogging!  I really enjoy it and love all the comments, so I want to do better!  I want to have this for Harper to look back on when she gets older.

What do you want to work on for the new year??? I said I'm going to be cheerful and look forward, SOOOOO I'm going to share some of Harper's birthday stuff with you!  I know I'm planning waaaayyyy ahead, but that's just how I do things! ha:)  So, here are the napkins...It doesn't really have a "theme" but I'm just going to use all bright things in pink, lime, yellow, and turquoise!  I've also found the invites that I LOVE!! I have it narrowed down to a few, but they all have the same idea!  This was my first favorite...But then I saw these that I fell in love with too!  You use a picture from each month up until 1 year...Then this is another version similar to the first, but with more picture options...Please tell me...which is your favorite??  I love them I just wanna see what the popular opinion is! 

This party is going to be outside in our back yard in late afternoon and on into the night.  So, I see these in bright colors hanging in the trees...LOVE IT!!!  Okay...maybe I can get excited about it before June! ha:)

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe 2010 thus far! 

xoxo, Kara C:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


FOR A PICTURE OVERLOAD?? Because that's exactly what you're about to get! Someone told me at school the other day that they couldn't believe I hadn't done a Christmas post yet! Well...I've been putting it off because I knew it'd take me F.O.R.E.V.E.R to download all the pictures I wanted to post! We had a wonderful, crazy busy Christmas! We always do, but this year it was a little different having to pack up the whole house everytime we went somewhere...but it was soooooo worth it! Harper had a wonderful Christmas and she loved, loved all her wonderful gifts! She got several baby dolls and she would just squeal at the top of her lungs waiting on her daddy to get them out! Then, she got a dog that talks and sings...oh my! You could've heard her a mile away! She was so excited!

After Christmas with our best little friendies, our next Christmas was with my family. My mom gets up on Christmas Eve and cooks a huge breakfast. It reminds me of when we went to my MaJean's when I was little. The past few years it's been good...but now, with the girls, it's perfect! It feels so nice sitting around a big table with the whole family having fun. Here are a few pics from there...

Maddie got really quiet and went off into my old bedroom. We didn't know what she was up to and this is where we found her! ha:)Aunt Wendy and HarperMaddie's gift from Poppa and GrannaOur gift to Madelyn...but she didn't want to be that close to Harper lolThe infamous dog from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Wendy...she LOVED itI said this was the photo of the year! CRACKS ME UP!

We always just go comfy to my parents' house, then we get ready and go have Christmas with my mom's family. It alternates every year between her sister and brother's house, and this year it was at her sister's. We had such a good time. The adults draw names and we buy for all the kids. Harper got a crawling baby doll that she just loved along with some blocks and other sweet clothes and things. She racked up!

We had to have a little photo session before all the fun began...because that's just what they do! ha:) Here's great grandmother (NaNean) with her great granddaughters..But they'd rather play with each other than take picturesNaNean with all the grand- and great grandbabies..NaNean and her babies...The soon to be newlyweds with their picture mama gave them...Then the "real" fun began...yeah right! The lights kept flickering throughout the night, but then they went off for good...for a good while! lol It wouldn't have been too bad, but my cousin and Emily's fiance are quite the pranksters! Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge scaredy cat and absolutely hate Halloween! Well, they went back into the back bedroom and put on Halloween masks! I.JUST.ABOUT.DIED!!! lol Seriously, I ran in the kitchen and told my aunt to make them stop! They were laughing hysterically of course! So, anyway, once they quit picking on me, I had to feed Harper the dark! ha:) Not an easy task! But we made it work.So after all that fun, we decided to head home since we have at least an hour drive. So we came home and crashed and got ready for the next day! WHEW!!!

So, now for Christmas...we had to be at Brandon's parents around 8:30ish, so we had to get up E-A-R-L-Y, so we could do our Christmas before we left.Finally got those stubborn stockings hung....ha! :)Then it was opening time! We had so much fun helping Harper open all her gifts. However, I don't have just a whole bunch of pics because Brandon was busy videoing the whole time! lol He had to use our new Christmas present! lolCan you tell it was early? Harper got lots of goodies....a sippy cup, some plates, some clothes, books, a bathing suit, a cell phone (that she loves like her momma!), a pearl necklace, and her two big items from Santa..

A toy box to store all of her goodies...And somewhere to sit while watching Mickey Mouse..I know this year it was more for us than her, so I tried to get her stuff that she needed also. Like our house is tiny....T-I-N-Y, if you didn't know, so we needed the toybox for storage!

So after opening all of our gifts, we headed over to Brandon's parents house. Again, Brandon had to try out our new toy, so we don't have any pictures from over there either. His parents bought us a video camera for Christmas so we could capture all the fun things Harper is doing these days! But, we are still learning how to use it! lol I love it! So, I'll have to get some pics from Aunt Randi and load them and blog even later about that!

After that, we headed to Brandon's grandmother's for their Christmas! I also enjoy this because we get to see some of the family that we don't see that often! But it is crowded so we have to move from place to place to visit with everyone!

Grandmother Fuston was so excited to see Harper...So was Aunt Linda...And Aunt Lillian....but Harper was interested in Stephen too...Then Harper got around and visited all the little girls too! And Sally even got to feed her...

After there, we had one more stop....are you counting....yes that's FOUR places on Christmas day! This time we had Christmas with my dad's family at my parent's house! We had finger foods and played games and had so much fun! It's always hilarious playing games w/ my mom tries to get out of playing and then the rest of just have to be there! ha:)Todd and Tiffany got each of the girls the Fancy Nancy Christmas book! I love Fancy Nancy so I think I was more excited than anyone! lol

This is Harper's new thing and it drives me nuts...but it is kinda funny, and of course the grandparents let her do whatever she wants!

Afterwards, we went home and C.R.A.S.H.E.D! We were all so tired so we slept in the next day. I always love to go out and see all the specials the day after Christmas and I had wanted to be at Wal-Mart at 6 or 7 the next morning and yeah...that didn't happen! ha:) But we did go later on in the day and found a few things!

And so, the end result of Christmas (and honestly this isn't even all of it)....Say it with me....ridiculous! lol But she is very loved so in turn, she has a lot of stuff! And, I promise, it didn't look near as bad once I got it all organized and put away! But, I'll have to admit, for the first few days after Christmas, I was going a little crazy with all the stuff we had laying everywhere!

And on to a few things that were pre-Christmas...

I LOVED our Christmas cards this year! A girl that's going to school for photography did our pictures, then designed our cards for them!

Front...Inside on top flap...Inside on bottom flap...And on the back...

And, since we had to make room for baby in our small house, all the "extra" stuff had to go outside! So, since Brandon doesn't really use his office as an office, I decided to turn one corner into my sewing/wrapping area! Needless to say, it was a crazy mess during Christmas...

And then there was all the cooking that takes place during the holidays....

Oreo suckers that were to.die.for....And then, as you can see, my fridge was packed with all kinds of goodies...casseroles, turtle eggs, veggies, and more...oh my! lolAnd, last but not least, Annabella gave Harper a plate to write her letters to Santa on and I love it! Since Harper can't exactly write yet, I wrote it for her...but she told me what she wanted! lol

Don't you just love everything Christmas? I just hate it when people say they're glad when it's over or that it seems like a chore...that's such a shame! It's all in what you make it and I promise...I'm like a kid at Christmas! I love everything about it...the decorations, the yummy treats, the gifts, the wrapping paper, the lights....E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

Sorry this is so long, but I just had to share! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

xoxo, Kara C: