Friday, May 29, 2009


We found out yesterday at our dr's appt that we have made absolutely NO PROGRESS!!!  None, zilt, zero.......GRRRR!!!!!  So, we are still scheduled to be admitted on the 14th to start the inducement.  That's so close, but yet so far away!  THEN, my dr. proceeds to tell me that she will see me next Tuesday and then after that I will see someone else until THE DAY HARPER IS BORN!!!!  Oh goodness gracious....I about had a heart attack?!?!?  Why, you ask?  Because she is leaving on vacation next Friday and will not be back until the Sunday that I am admitted.  Oh geez.....I about fell off the table!  Not that Harper wants to come any earlier (heehee), but just because!  Oh well....I plan on waiting her out.  I really want MY doctor to deliver Harper because she is the one who knows us best!  Please pray that everything continues to go so well and that her birth is as easy as the rest of the pregnancy has been. ha!  That would be marvelous!  

On top of all that, I am going to be soooooooo busy this next week that it'll probably fly by as quickly as the last few have.  I have an eye appt Monday; diabetic appt, ultrasound, and ob appt. Tuesday, hair appt Wednesday (yay!), off Thursday, and then the non-stress test Friday! WHEW!  So, this next week will be gone before we know it then we'll be down to ONE WEEK!!!  I am so, so excited!  I can't believe we are this close to becoming a family!

And, on top of everything yesterday, it was our last day of school! WHOO HOO!!!!  I think I was way more excited about the end of the year this year than the kiddos were.  I have had about all of work I can take.....I love my job, but I was about at my limit!  Being this pregnant at the end of the year was rough.  BUT, I am so, so, so thankful to have a job and to have been able to work through the entirety of this pregnancy.  What a blessing!

Well, as the pregnancy journey dwindles down, does anyone have any suggestions, comments, or anything that they would like to share???  Since this is our first, we are really in the dark....we don't know what to expect.  And I consider this a good thing! :)  I have an abbreviated list of what to bring to the hospital, but is there one thing that you can think of that we need that you forgot?  Or is there one thing that you wish someone would have told you before you had your child? etc.   Please share!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys the gorgeous weather we are supposed to have!

xoxo, Kara C:

Monday, May 25, 2009

You might be a redneck if......

You push your granddaughter around in a wheelbarrow for recreation! ha :)

But could there be anyone any cuter riding around in a rusty wheelbarrow than this???

We had a great cookout with my family and played, just a little :), with this sweet little thing!  Goodness....I LOVE her sooooo much!  She just makes me smile.  She was picking flowers and blowing kisses all night!

She has us all so wrapped around her little finger.....however I think Poppa is the worst!

Smelling the flowers.....

She is such a mess and her Uncle B and Aunt KK love her to death!  We ran by their house on the way home tonight to pick up an extra carseat base for B's truck, and when we walked in, she started giggling and jumping up and down when she saw us....cracks me up!!!  She loves company!  She is such a sweet little girl and we can't wait for her to meet Harper....I can't wait to see how she acts w/ her!

Off to bed.....have a great 4-day work week!  (2 and 1/2 days for me.....whoo hoo!)

xoxo, Kara C:

Getting ready....

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have started having some contractions!  Well, they aren't too bad until they disrupt my sleep!  I mean....c'mon people...I'm about to have a baby!  Don't I NEED to be sleeping now???  Geesh!  Anyway, I have been doing pretty well with it all, but I am no longer bittersweet about the feeling....I am ready to have this baby!  Since we had to stay home over the weekend and "take it easy" (ha! my dr. doesn't know me too well....this is very hard for me to do!), I decided to go on and start getting ready.  

Saturday morning, Brandon and I got up and went to eat breakfast.  We then ran some errands around town and went to Wal-Mart to stock up for a while!  After we got home and had all the groceries put away, I did have to sit down and rest for a while.  I felt HORRIBLE!!!  Then, later on in the day, I cleaned out the inside of my car and Brandon vacuumed it out for me.  Then, guess what I did???   I put the car seat and base in there....just in case!  The dr. told me to go ahead and get all packed and ready a few weeks ago, and I just couldn't do it.  It still seemed too early.  Well, now that I am actually feeling pregnant, I figured I didn't know how much time we had left so I might as well go ahead and get ready for it!  Also, I have Harper completely packed and ready to go and I even started getting our things together....things that we could go ahead and pack and not really miss if I didn't go for the next 3 weeks!  Then, I finished straightening up in H's nursery, although there are still several minor things on the walls, curtains, lamp know....nothing too important.  But, once her room is completely finished, I will definitely post pics!  I love it!   Everything has turned out so cute and I could not be happier with it!  So now, we are ready.....or as ready as we are going to bring Harper home.  Her pack and play is set up next to our bed, and we are ready to put her in it!

With all that being said, B and I have to go to the hospital today for our non-stress test since this is such a hectic week and the dr's office is closed today.  Then we go back Thursday for our ultrasound and to get checked....we will know more then.  Hopefully, I will have made some progress!  I'll be sure and keep everyone posted.  After our appt. today, we are going to stop by my parents' house for a little cook-out (yum!) and then we'll be ready for a full day of inservice tomorrow! (BOO!)  Oh well, we only have 2 days left.......AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!!!  

Hope everyone has a very happy Memorial Day!  Say a special prayer for those who have lost loved ones or who have loved ones fighting for our freedom!

xoxo, Kara C:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking forward....

Who else can NOT wait to see the Twilight sequel?  Now, let me remind you, I swore I'd never watch or read any of this series, and I am so, so, so sucked in to this phenomenon!!!  Now, I will admit, I was so glad that I read the books before I watched the movie, because the movie was disappointing.  I really hope this one is better!  And, I might just be in line w/ the kiddos and tweens waiting to watch this on opening night....that is if I can find a babysitter!  ha:) Just kidding, just kidding!!!  There's no way I'd leave my baby to go to the movies at midnight, but I will have to see it!  

Hope everyone is having a good week!  We had plans to go away for the weekend, but considering I started having contractions Tuesday night, my dr. said that I probably needed to stay close to home, rest, and drink plenty of! fun!  Oh's getting close to that time!  We only have 2 days and 2 hours left with kiddos this school year and I am so ready to be at home and await the arrival of Miss Harper.  Hope everyone has had a Happy Thursday!

xoxo, Kara C:   

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Right on the money.....

Guess who was right????  That's right....ME!!  Momma knows best! :)  Just kidding, just kidding!  But, seriously, Harper is right on track.  She weighed approx. 4.14 three weeks ago and they say that you can kind of plan on a 1/2 lb. each week the last little bit.  That's where my guess came from.  LOL  So, today, they said she weighs approx. 6.7!!!  I was so excited.  This means that maybe she'll be around 8 and 1/2 lbs. at birth!  I really thought we would have a much bigger baby than that, so I am tickled!  The lady that does our ultrasounds is so sweet and she is just the best.  We are going to miss seeing her every week!  I asked how close she usually was to the actual birth weight and she said she's off a little sometimes.  Well, I was thinking a few pounds....nope!  A few ounces!  I can handle that!  Then, I had my regualar appt. and I met with the last dr. in the office.  Now I have met them all, but hopefully my doctor will deliver Harper!  But, after she checked me, she said I looked perfecto!  Harper is measuring in about the 60th percentile and I am looking great!  So, looks like we have about three and a half weeks til we meet our daughter!!!!  Yay!!!  Please keep us in your prayers over these next few weeks that everything continues to go perfectly!  We can't wait to meet our little blessing!  Well, I'm off to bed now....I am worn out and my feet are sooooooooo swollen!  

xoxo, Kara C:

P.S.- I have a few pics from today that aren't really good, but they are out in the car and I don't feel like going outside to get them.  LOL  I'll post them next time!

Monday, May 18, 2009


As time is narrowing down, I am getting more and more excited to meet Miss Harper.  I know she is going to be beautiful and perfect and we will love her more than life itself.  However, I am a little sad also.  I have really, really enjoyed being pregnant.  Don't get me wrong, I am going to really enjoy breathing normally and my feet not swelling.....but I think I am really going to miss being able to feel her move and to know that I am bringing a life into this world!  

In four short weeks (at the max), we will be a "family"!!!  I can not tell you how excited this makes me!  I can't wait for everyone to meet her and for Brandon and I to begin this new journey together.  He is going to be the best daddy!!!  I am so lucky to have him!  It's scary because we have a huge job on our hands.....I want to raise a daughter who is beautiful on the inside and who loves everyone and treats others well.  I want her to be thankful for what she has and not want for things that she doesn't need.  I want her to love the Lord and to love going to church.  I want her to be a good girl and to love her momma and daddy and our families! :)  I want so much for her and I finally have a glimpse into what my parents meant when they used to say "I want more for you than I had."  Even though it seems near impossible to ever be able to give Harper more than my parents gave me, I think that is every person's goal....they always want better for their kids!  As I said, we have a HUGE job on our hands......but we are READY!!!  

We receive emails weekly telling us what's changing, how she should be growing, and how our lives should be changing.  This should be Harper at 35 weeks........ Brandon said she looks like she doesn't have any room!  Bless!  

Hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful day!  I'll be sure and update tomorrow after our dr's appt. and let you know how much Harper has grown in the last few weeks!

xoxo, Kara C:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mid 20's and 30's....

WHEW!!!!  What a whirlwind this weekend has been!  It seems like we have been gone the entire time.  First, on Friday, we went to the Cannon County Good Ole' Days!  It's an annual event held in my hometown that consists of little vendors, games, pageants, etc.  I always enjoy going because I get to see people that I really only see once or twice a year.  Then, yesterday, we attended two weddings!  A couple at our church got married and then one of my oldest friends from before kindergarten (Andrea, the one who made our maternity pics) got married and I read a scripture during her wedding.  Talk about gorgous!?!  Her wedding was held at the historic Lillie Belle's in Franklin and it is to die for.  So cutesy, modern, and classic.  Loved it!  The details were amazing and she looked gorgeous!

Also, as of this weekend, I am now 25 years old and 35 weeks pregnant! Never would I have thought that I would've waited til I was 25 to have my first child, but here I am! I have a wonderful life.....I have a loving family, husband, a good job, a warm/cool home, food in the refrigerator, a car to drive, and a healthy baby in my belly! LIFE CAN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!!!

We go for our basic ultrasound and our growth ultrasound, which they only do every 3 weeks, this Tuesday!  I am so excited!  The ultrasound tech said to get everyone's guesses as to what she weighed now, so Brandon and I have been writing them down.  She weighed approximately 4 lbs. and 14 oz. three weeks ago......what do YOU think she will weigh this week?  I'm anxious to see who gets the closest!  Leave me a comment w/ your guess!!!  Here are the guesses from family and friends so far:
Me..aka...Momma - 6.5-6.7
B.....aka...Daddy    - 6.0-6.2
Granna                   - 6.3-6.4
Grammie               - 5.8
Bro. B                     - 5.10

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I couldn't think of anything better to title this post because that is exactly what we are.  I can not tell you how nice and thoughtful people have been to us....I think I'm going to miss being pregnant because people are constantly encouraging us and supporting us and telling me how cute I am!  heehee :)  Well, today was no different.  I was supposed to have a brief Reading/Language Arts meeting this afternoon after school.  WELL, look how that "meeting" went......I was totally shocked and surprised at what these two had pulled off!  Usually, I pick up on things, but they did very well at keeping me in the dark.  After I walked in, I was so embarrassed and shaking.  I love surprises, but I feel like everyone has gone over and beyond what I ever  imagined!Here are some of the guests hiding out....Today, we received  some more cutesy things and lots of diapers and wipes.  Hallelujah!  I think we are set until she grows out of size 2's.....however everyone keeps telling me that I'll be surprised.  Her closet keeps getting more and more full and I don't know where we are going to put another thing!  I just LOVE it!Jane Ann's favorite color is red, so she knew that Harper didn't have anything like this, so she said she wanted to buy her something that "she" liked! LOL  I have the best /craziest friends!

Okay, onto the pictures that I have been promising for a while!  I received a threatening email today (just know who you are) telling me that they were going to boycott my blog if I didn't upload pics TONIGHT!  So, even with swollen feet and very worn out from such a busy day, I knew I had to get these on here!  Now that these items have arrived, I am ready for a baby!  She can come anytime she feels ready! LOL

Here is a picture of Harper's crib!  There is a little bit of a story behind it.  We....I thought I had to have all this baby furniture.  Well, the more we looked, the more a crib appealed to me!  I love the way they look!  So, since we had an extra bedroom suite, I thought, "Why not just get a crib that matches the other pieces of furniture and then when she outgrows it, we can just use the bed that goes w/ it?"  So, we went looking for a crib and after many hours of searching, I saw this one in a little pamphlet and fell in love with it!  I matched the wood to a drawer from the dresser and ta da........The only issue is that is it a little larger than I thought, so I, of course, stressed myself out the night we brought it home thinking it didn't look right!  Well, I have since then gotten used to it, and I still absolutely love it!!!!!!  (Thanks mama and daddy!)  It looks perfect in her room with all her cute bedding and I can't wait to just lay her in it!  It seems so huge for such a small baby!  Here's a closer view of her bedding.....And here's a better front on view.I am soooooo thrilled with the way everything turned out!  I love her bed, I love her bedding, I just love it all!  Now, all I need is a baby!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I am super busy and super booked.....but blessed and loving every minute of it.  I am really beginning to feel (ahem...and look) pregnant and I just can't wait to meet our baby girl!  It won't be long!!!  I have a big birthday rolling around this weekend and we have a super busy weekend planned!  I told Brandon all I wanted was a week off to stay at home! ha:)  

Happy hump day! 

xoxo, Kara C:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making promises....

I promise, promise, promise....I will update tomorrow!!!  I have tons of pictures of Harper's new crib w/ bedding......LOVE IT!!!!  When everything finally arrived, it was very overwhelming.  I have been coming home and working myself to death and I haven't had time to post.  So, as I lay here w/ my feet above my heart (because my feet are sooooo swollen since I didn't sit down until 8pm...) I am realizing that I need to upload pics and show everyone.  Her room is tiny, but it is turning out sooooooo sweet!  The bedding is even prettier on the bed.  Check back tomorrow.....

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo, Kara C:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a relief!!!

Oh my goodness....I feel so much better after these past two days!  First of all, both of these necessities arrived on Wednesday and my super sweet hubbie had them all assembled and ready to show me as soon as I walked in the door yesterday.

I picked these out when we first found out that we were pregnant because I thought they would go well for a boy or a girl.  They definitely looked boyish in these pics, but they are really more feminine in person.  They have smaller khaki/creamy colored flowers within the brown pinwheels....they are so nice!  And, you know she is going to have a bow on her head and a pink blanket in there with her at all times, so people shouldn't get confused! LOL

Then guess what came today???  OUR BEDDING!!!!

I can not tell you how happy this makes me.  I had it custom made by a lady I found on etsy through another blogger, and I designed the whole set.  It has been a little bit of an issue getting it here, but it was well worth the wait!  It is so cute and girly and I just can't wait to see how everything comes together....we have already came a long way.  When finished, I'm going to post before and after pics of her room.  You'll be shocked at how much it's changed.  Oh, and I'm saving bedding pics until I can put it on the crib and show it off better!  Stay tuned for those the beginning of next week......

Also, our crib will be ready to be picked up on Monday.  But, I have a dr's appt, so either Brandon will have to go and get it by himself, or we will go together on Tuesday.  So, I'll probably post pics that night. LOL  Here's a peek at our crib.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it too!  Again, I can't wait to see it in person w/ all our girly stuff!I feel so much better today!  Like I have mentioned, I am an organizer and a planner and it's been killing me that things weren't getting done quickly and in the way I would have them done.  However, these past few days have made me one happy camper!  Now, all we need is a baby!  Brandon said tonight that reality is kicking in and that she's going to be here before we know it.......sooooooooooo exciting and soooooooo scary!  

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, and we have a busy weekend ahead of us!  So, check back for updated pics!  Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Kara C:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look what I got.....

(excuse the grammar...) LOL

We received our CD of maternity pics in the mail today and I am sooooo excited!  They are so good!  I am so glad we did these....even though I feel like I look like a cow, I still cherish them with all my heart because they are who we are and we are celebrating our love and our growing family.  Here are a few of my favorites....Don't I have a cutie patootie husband?  I am one lucky girl C:  (I hope Harper has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes!")Her sweet shoes from Granna....Normally, I do not like pics of myself, but I love the editing on this one.Our sweet!LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!  I love the editing and I think the pic is just too sweet.  There are many more that are really good, but I hated to post over 200 pictures on here. LOL  So, I didn't add the ones she had already posted on her blog as a preview.  I don't know which ones I'll print!!!  I'm going to have a hard time choosing!  

Hope everyone has had a Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I'm off to register our babies for high school.  FUN! FUN!

xoxo, Kara C:

Monday, May 4, 2009

The girl's got attitude...

Today was a good day!  First of all, we got an extra day off from school due to all the rain we have been getting.  I think my husband said we had around 9-10 inches in all....that is crazy!!!  There is water standing everywhere!  And, hey, with 15 days left, I'll take all the days off that I can get.  Did you just catch that.....15 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!!!!  Can I hear a big whoo hoo?!?  Hallelujah!  I have loved the kids this year and it's been a great year overall, but I am ready for Miss Harper to get here.

Speaking of my precious little girl, she is such a mess already.  We had to go today for our BPP (ultrasound) and they check for heartbeat, practice breathing, and fluid.  I had been busy, busy all morning cleaning around the house, so I guess she decided to take a little nap as we got to the dr.  Since she wasn't moving around a whole lot, I had to roll onto my side, and sure enough, that woke her up and she went wild!!  ha C:  As we were sitting there looking at her moving all around, our wonderful ultrasound tech pulled out the 3d that thing!  And, what did Miss Harper do.......look and see for yourself!

She crossed her little arms, smirked, and STUCK OUT HER TONGUE!!!  Of course, it was the cutest thing we have ever seen.  She already has a little attitude.  We all 3 just busted out laughing!  I can't tell you enough how much I can not wait to see this little face...sweet cheeks!!!  I love her more than life already and would do anything for her!  Gosh.....could it get any better than this?!?

On top of all the good things, I have been kinda stressed lately.  NO bed yet, NO bedding, NO car seat/ just seems like nothing is going as planned.  And, I am a planner!  I like to get things done ahead of time and to know they are finished and completed correctly.  So, as you can imagine....these things are driving me crazy!  But, instead of getting all bent out of shape, I have got to remember to sit back, relax, breathe, and think of the really important things in life that actually matter.  I don't NEED any of those things right now...if I were to go into labor, I could borrow my niece's car seat!  Everything else will work itself out!  I have a healthy baby girl and I am truly blessed and thankful more than anyone could imagine!  I have to learn to appreciate the small things and let go of things that I have no control over!!!!   I am working on this....pray for me as I work on learning peace and patience!  

However, as I sit here, I realize how fortunate I am and how blessed I am to have such a wonderful life.  For those of you who don't already, hop on over to Kelly's blog and read the poem on her post today! WOW!!  What a tear jerker???  And, how true?  I am blessed beyond what I deserve! 

Hope everyone has a happy week!  

xoxo, Kara C: