Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playing Catch-up....Part 2!

Well, I feel like I am becoming one of those bloggers that annoy me.....the ones who don't update but once a week! LOL  So, sorry about that and I'll try to do better!  

Last week seemed to fly by and then there was practically NO weekend at all!  Saturday morning, my mom and I headed to Cookeville to finish registering and then we did a little shopping for ourselves!  We started out by going to one of my soon-to-be favorite stores....I finalized our registry there and also bought these for myself...

If you have never been, you must go!  They have the cutest, sweetest little clothes for boys and girls.  They also have prom apparel, shoes of every kind, baby furniture, car seats....everything a girl could want!  Here is one of my favorite things on our's hopefully going to be Harper's Easter dress next year!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!  Dont' you?

It was a very nice and relaxing day and we found some very good deals and some things that we were looking for.  When we got back, we left for Murfreesboro to go eat to celebrate my parents' 31st anniversary!  We went to Olive Garden (my 1st time) and it was GREAT!  If there hadn't been a tornado destroying parts of M'Boro less than 10 miles from the restaurant, it would've been a little better.  But, at least we were safe.  After going out to eat, we ran a few errands and then went by to check out the tornado damage and headed home!  It really was a nice day of family fun....despite the yucky weather around us!

Other than that, I have been trying to finalize my lists for our baby showers and I am getting so, so, so excited!  It is getting to be crunch time, and I'll be honest, I'm beginning to break a little nervous!  I absolutely can not wait to meet Miss Harper, but at the same time, I feel like there is so much that needs to be done before she makes her arrival........I's less than 11 weeks away, people!  ahhh.....So exciting and so nerve racking at the same time.

So, on that note, we have finally finished all our registries and I am so excited about everything!  Everything is so little and so cute and I just can't wait to use everything.  We began registering at Sew Sweet and Ready, Set, Grow since they offer so many cutesy, girlie things that Miss Harper could use!  That part was super easy, but then came the harder part.  The things that we NEED!  So, we are also registered at....

So, our showers are in just a few weeks, and we are also having maternity pictures made by the talented Andi Nave (see link on my sidebar) and we just can not wait for everything!  We are super excited and super thrilled to see the outcome of everything.  I can't wait to go to our showers and see how everything came together because some of it is being kept secret from me (I love it) and I know everyone is going over and beyond what we deserve!  We feel so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful family and friends....what more could we ask for?  Other than that, my weekly visits start a week from today, and actually, I am excited!  It seems like forever since we've had an ultrasound and seen pictures of our little wild woman (she is becoming SUPER active and I'm loving every single second of it!) and I am honestly looking forward to seeing her every week and knowing that she's just perfect.  Please continue to keep our family in your prayers that everything continues to go so well!  We are truly blessed beyond what we deserve.

With that, I will close with my weekly photo!  Here I am.....28 weeks pregnant!  It's so funny, because people have been stopping me and saying, "It's about time you begin to look pregnant!"  It just makes me laugh....but boy, am I looking pregnant now!  I love it!

Hope you have a great week! xoxo 

C: Kara

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing catch-up...

I have been wanting to blog everyday this week, but I have definitely kept myself busy throughout Spring Break!  I haven't gotten just a whole lot done, but that's okay....I've had a whole lot of fun! :) lol

One thing that I did was shop for paint for Harper's room.  We have said since we knew that it was a girl and I picked out bedding, that the room would be pink.  Weeelllllll, after we saw the fabric in person, I was afraid that it was going to be waaayyyy too much pink!  So, we have decided to go with a very soft, pretty green instead and then we are going to accent w/ pink.  Brandon went by Saturday morning and got samples of the two greens we were trying to decide between and told me he painted a little on the wall for me to see.  Here's what I came home to....There are green squares all around her room!!!  I just had to laugh.  He said he wanted to see it from every angle and in every light! lol  He's such a mess!  We have decided on the darker green because, as you can see, the lighter looks yellow.  And, as I mentioned, we are accenting w/ pink, and here's a sneak peak into one project I've started for her nursery....I'll update pics when it's finished!

Also, this week, I have done quite a bit of sewing.  It is soooo fun and soooo relaxing.  AND, I sold my first dress....I thought it turned out too cute and obviously others did too because I have already had another girl wanting one! lol  I AM NOT starting a business, but I did do these for a friend!  I am by no means good at this, and I just wanted to do it for me and my amusement....never did I ever imagine anyone would want to pay for my stuff....I think that is completely hilarious!  But, I'm flattered that they like it so well!  Here's a little something that I threw together (lol) for my niece today...I plan on making capris out of the striped material w/ a floral ruffle, but this is what we have for now...this is part of her Easter present!  But, I know she will look so sweet in whatever she decides to wear!  

Speaking of looking sweet, I bought Harper's little coming home outfit yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  I was going to buy her something all fancy, and then decided better of it! lol  I figured she and I would both be much more comfortable if she wore this instead....Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  I can't wait to wash and iron it and bring my baby girl home!  I can't believe that it's even remotely close to that time!!!

Other than that, we also received another item in the mail this week...I love, love, love it!  We ordered our highchair w/ some money that I got as a gift from school and it came early Friday morning and I just had to get Brandon to put it together before I could go to bed Friday night! lol  Isn't it beautiful?  It has a khaki cover also, but it's getting a little personalized, so I'll have to post pics of the actual finished product later!  I'm sooooooo excited!

And, to end this long post, (lol) I actually remembered to take another belly pic this week.  What's funny is that I don't even look as pregnant as I did last week.  I had on a little hosiery (and was miserable, by the way), and it concealed it a little bit! lol  You can tell by the pic that I didn't feel just great this morning.....I guess that's what you get when you have pretty bad allergies and live in the nursery capitol of the world! lolHowever, I am going to bed pretty early tonight and hope to get a good night's rest because it is back to the real world tomorrow....Spring Break is over!!  I'm sad, but the sooner we go back, the sooner we get out for summer....which means Miss Harper will be here! YAY!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful work week!  I'm off to bed........xoxo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr's Appt, Good Deals, Babies, and Swatches.....

Today, I had a dr's appt. at Vanderbilt and Brandon had to work, so my mama offered to go with me!  Well, we decided to just make a day of it and get some things accomplished before we headed to Nashville.  So, we started off by looking for a few maternity things for me because I really need a few odds and ends.  Well, we went to Ross and Marshall's first and found a few really cute tops that aren't necessarily maternity and can be worn later....LOVE THEM...and don't you know, I got a super deal on them all!  (I'll try to post pics later!)  Then, we had lunch at the Chop House and it was AWESOME!  I had never been there, but I will definitely be back!  Then, we made another stop or two and headed toward the hospital!

Well, may I say, my appt. went wonderfully!  She said she thought I was doing perfect!  I love hearing all these great things from my dr's when people are so quick to tell you all the negative things that could happen.  And, to top that off, I have a test ran every time I go to the diabetic dr. called a hemoglobin a1c, and it is an indicator of how your sugars have been running over the course of 3 or 4 months.  Well, they like for it to stay around 6 to 7.  Needless to say, before getting pregnant, my last a1c was either 8.4 or 8.8!  NOT GOOD, but I've definitely heard of worse.  So, as soon as I got pregnant, I went down there, and mine was 7.  Much better, but needed to be lower.  Next appt....6.4!  Awesome!  Then, the next appt was after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years' (plus I had been kinda sick w/ a sinus infection which causes my sugars to run high) and it was 6.7.  My dr. said that was really good considering everything that had been going on.  Well, guess what?????  Today, my a1c was......6.4!!!!!!!  I was soooooooo excited!  I feel so good and I am so glad that my health is in control.

So, other good news, some friends of ours finally delivered their baby girl today at 36 weeks and she is just perfect!  They have had so much trouble trying to get a healthy baby into this world and to see her in person all healthy w/ chubby cheeks is just an absolute miracle and we are so happy for them and their new family!

LAST, my fabric swatches for my bedding came today!  YAY!!!  I was so excited...I've been waiting on these a while and I was so anxious to get home and see them.  The colors are so much prettier in person and I can't wait to see how the bedding turns out!  So, tomorrow, I am off to the paint store to pick out wall colors....can't wait!  I'll be sure to post before and after pics when the room is painted!  

Well, it's getting late and I'm going wedding dress shopping with my little cousin makes me feel sooooo old! lol  But, I am so excited and I hope we can at least help her get a better idea of what she's looking for!  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The countdown is on.....

I just noticed today that we have less than 100 days til our due date! That is so hard to believe! It seems like just yesterday we were telling people we were pregnant...time really does fly! I want her to be completely healthy, but I can't wait for her to get here either! I really want to enjoy this time with Brandon before she gets here because I KNOW it will never be the same! Even though that's completely okay with us, it's kinda a bittersweet feeling too! It's getting to that scary point....where you begin to worry about labor, contractions, you know the fun stuff. But, then again, I also have a lot of fun stuff to keep me occupied too, such as maternity pictures (which I CAN NOT wait for), baby showers, getting her room/closet, fun, fun!!! I can't wait! We are going to have the best time just playing with this little girl!
On another note, have you heard Darius Rucker's song "It Won't Be Like This for Long"? Oh my goodness....we heard part of it the other night at the concert and I have added it to my playlist. It's a real tear jerker...for me anyway! It is too sweet and I don't want time to go by so quickly when Miss Harper gets here...I want to enjoy and cherish every moment! Please help me remember this! Hope everyone is having a Happy St. Patrick's Day and Tuesday!
I'm off to bed early....these late night concerts are beginning to catch up with me!

NKOTB + a best friend = a totally AWESOME girls' night out!

Monday night, my friend, Angela and I went to the Sommet Center to see the New Kids on the Block in concert....and IT WAS FAB-U-LOUS!!! MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, the Jabawockeez, opened for them and it was so amazing to see them in action, in person! GREAT! We were like 2 teenagers screaming at the tops of our lungs and having the time of our life. At first, we didn't know how the crowd would be, but it ended up being full....of women of course! I told Brandon it was so funny because we were like some of the youngest ones there. I have never seen them in concert and it was worth every penny! We had great seats and we had an even better time. This ticket was an early birthday gift from my husband and I don't think he could've gotten me anything that I would've enjoyed more! Here are a few pics from our fun night (I took TONS!) lol.....

Our awesome seats...A great friend to accompany me...The opening act...The men of the night...My favorite...lolTessa's favorite...hahahaThey know how to please a Tennessee crowd...The awesome ending to a perfect night...

Did I happen to mention what a great, fun time I had???  The pictures do not do it justice.  This was such a lively concert and I'm so glad I got to go!  Next to us was a mother/daughter duo and the mom was either sitting down or gone somewhere 90% of the time and Angela leaned over and said, "That'll be you and Harper the next time they come back!" hahaha:)  Too funny....except Harper will probably be the one sitting and her mom up singing every word!  Too much fun!  Hope everyone is having a great week!  xoxo

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Get on your knees....

This family needs all the prayers they can get!
I can not even begin to fathom what they must be going through. I ran across their blog just a few short days ago and they had just lost their first baby. She was pregnant with sextuplets and delivered one that did not make it. They thought she might deliver that one's twin, but, last I checked, she was doing better and they thought she'd be able to carry them all until hopefully 28 weeks............SHE LOST THEM ALL LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! I sincerely hope I never know what's she's going through, but I am going to thank God more tonight for my little healthy blessing and quit worrying about things that truly don't matter.
You never know when you may be the one needing the only takes a minute to lift someone up in prayer and you never know who all needs just something so simple from us! I'm going to bed even more thankful than I was before....

Saturday Date Night Awesomeness!!!!

That's the best word I could think of to describe the Paisley Party concert Brandon and I went to last night!  It was GREAT!!!!  All the men did an excellent job entertaining the crowd and we had a great date night!  It'll probably be one of the last for a while. lol  

Darius and Dierks did a wonderful job as openers and I thoroughly enjoyed them both....although I don't think Harper did.  She moved around while Darius was singing, but then Dierks was super loud and she kicked....HARD....through most of his portion.  I was glad to see Brad Paisley come out, and obviously so was she because she calmed down tremendously after that.  lol

Here are a few pics from last night....You know the weather was very rainy yesterday...hence the flat hair!  Oh one was there to see my hair anyways. lol