Tuesday, March 3, 2009 all I have to say!!!

My house has been needing to be cleaned for a while now....there's either been NO time or I just haven't been up to it (or wanted to do it!)  Anyway, I was super motivated for some reason today.  The techs hooked up my new computer at school w/ my huge new screen and that must've set the mood...I started cleaning up around my classroom and then I was determined to get our house cleaned before the Bachelor...I know, I know...I don't know WHY I am going to watch, but I'm a sucker! lol  But, oh well, my house is cleaned and I'm going to relax and watch the drama unfold.  

Here's what I love to see when I come home...a clean bedroom w/ a well-made bed!  I'm easy to please, right???And, do you know what this picture means???  Harper's room is FINALLY getting emptied out and cleaned up so that we can start transforming it into her perfect little nursery.  It'll look completely different in a matter of weeks and I CAN NOT wait to see the finished product.  If you know me, you know this plain room is driving me crazy and I have all sorts of girly ideas running through this head! :)

Here's another plus in my day...TWO empty laundry baskets...I have been a busy girl!  (I know there is still some laundry, but I'm waiting to make a full load!) lol

Now, after all this cleaning I've been doing, I'm sure I'll definitely be putting this back massager to good use at some point tonight...

AND, another thing before I get to the fun stuff :), does anyone have blinds like these in their house?  They are that faux wood and I really like on Earth do you clean them???  I literally spent like a whole day one Saturday vacuuming and wiping these things down and they just get so darn dusty!  My mom suggests taking them down and washing them outside in hot, soapy water, but someone thought it might fade you have any suggestions????  I need help...they are driving me crazy and I want this house to be really clean before we bring this little baby home!

NOW, the fun stuff.....

Look what I bought yesterday and guess what I'm going to be doing sometime this week?  I plan on making Harper and Madelyn some more matching dresses and I am sooooo excited to see how they turn out!

Now, finally, one last baby thing to end the post....I have been warning Brandon that our house is going to be flooded with baby paraphernalia very soon. lol  Well, this little rocking horse was a Christmas present for the baby from her Aunt Randi and it is the cutest thing ever...Madelyn loves it now. lol  It moves its head and tail and makes the cutest little horse noises.  I LOVE it!  So, while I was trying to arrange everything and get organized, I moved him into the living room underneath our sofa table and it is so cute sitting seems like reality that we are going to have toys everywhere very soon!Well, I think I am going to watch the Bachelor ATFR 2 now....I just can't get enough of that drama. lol  Please let me know if you have any suggestions on the blinds and I'd love to hear your comments on this bachelor madness....

Happy Tuesday everybody! xoxo

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