Wednesday, April 15, 2009

June 15th is "the day"

Well ladies and gentlemen, on or before June 15th, we will be blessed with the arrival of this little girl....My mom didn't want me to post these pics because she said she was afraid someone would think she's deformed! LOL But, I had to post just one. (If you look very closely, you can see part of her face in the top left corner....look for chubby cheeks! ) I promise you, she's just deformities....she's just stubborn....or camera shy....whichever you wanna call it! Who cares? I LOVE it and I know she's in there. I am loving these weekly appts. We had a good, long talk w/ my dr. yesterday and she said that everything looks perfect and that she didn't think she'd be coming early, but that she was probably going to be a big baby. Big shocker there, right? ha :) Sooooo, she called the hospital and had me scheduled for Monday, June 15th, if everything stays the same. I'll be just a little over 39 weeks and they don't like for diabetics to go over that. I cannot wait! It's exactly 2 months from close, yet still so far away!

Also, she said that each week I either had to have an ultrasound OR a stress I'm sure you can guess which I chose?? The ultrasound of course...I love seeing that little face every week! Then, every 3 weeks they are going to also measure weight and other things. Right now, she is weighing in around 4 lbs. and should be a little over 3 lbs. I am measuring around 33 weeks and am only 30 1/2. They said that was absolutely fine because they were, of course, expecting her to be a big baby! I mean come on, my mama, who was not a diabetic, had a 10lb. 10 1/2 oz. baby first, then I was 9lb. 11oz! It runs in the genes. Then, Brandon is 6'4, his dad is 6'7, his sister is 6'2, I'm 5'10ish, and my mama's whole family is tall....this child doesn't have a prayer of being short or average sized! LOL But, that is okay with me....maybe she'll be a famous ball player or model one day, right? She can be a momma and daddy's girl her whole life....that'd suit me just fine! :) I'll be sure and keep you posted and hopefully they'll get a better 4d picture next week that my mom won't care for me sharing...(like I listened anyway!) lol

Hope everyone had a happy, chilly Wednesday! Only 2 more days til the weekend!

xoxo, Kara C:


Annette said...

Oh goodie!! She is just beautiful!! Glad you updated and everything looks GREAT and she is PERFECT!!

Chelsey said...

mt little girl is growing out of her stuff so fast...if you need anything for urs let me know I have some cute clothes she hasnt even worn that you can have! Good luck :)

ivie said...

that baby looks just like me,you know what that means, she's gonna be cute! (and she obviously doesn't like the camera either!)