Monday, April 20, 2009

Is it Monday already?

WHEW!!! This weekend flew by! On Saturday, I started my morning off by getting up and planting some pretty flowers! I just absolutely adore springtime, and I was dying to get some flowers planted! I hope that maybe all the freezing weather is in the past, so we won't have to worry about covering them at night...just keeping them watered! haha:)

Then, my mama and I headed out to Murfreesboro to run a few errands and to get a manicure and about much needed?!? We had a few returns to make, then I found a sweater for my shower on a clearance rack....for $4.99!!! Yes....I was soooo excited! So, then we were ready to be pampered! It was so nice! Nothing makes you feel better than having your hair, nails, and toes done, right? LOL So, I was officially ready for my shower after that.

Speaking of our shower, we had tons of fun! Everything was decorated so beautifully and we got soooo many nice presents! Everyone has been asking what all we got and we seriously got such a great variety of gifts. We have dresses, diapers, blankets, burp cloths, bibs, diaper bags, toys, our swing (yay!), our space saver high chair, diaper genie, money & gift cards, a bathing suit & cover up, sunglasses, jewelry, and I can't even remember what else!! It was all so sweet and so nice! People have been so, so nice and supportive throughout this pregnancy and I just don't know how we'll ever repay them for all of their kindness! (fyi...I'll post pics after my next shower so that they're all together!) I am just trying to soak in every single second of it, because I know it's going to be over soon! I just love all the cutesy stuff....I love the decorations, the cakes, the flowers, and of course the gifts are an added bonus too! :)

Speaking of showers, we have another one this weekend and I am super excited about it too. It is in our town and all of our church members, friends, and Brandon's family are invited! It will be so much fun and I can't wait to see everything! Also, this Saturday, we are having our maternity pictures made, and let me just tell you, I can NOT wait to see the outcome! My very talented friend, Andrea, will be making our photos in the Franklin/Nashville area and I can't wait to see all the cute shots I know she'll get! (If she could photoshop me out of them all that would be perfect!) LOL I know I'm pregnant, but oh my goodness.....I have REALLY grown lately and it's making me paranoid! I'm glad Harper's growing, but she could slow down just a little bit! ha:)

Now, with's a little insight to how my day has been....

I did not wake up around 3 am and get scared to death because our room was pitch black because the electricity was off.....nope! Not me!

I did not wake back up when the alarm went off to realize we still did not have electricity and try to think of any excuse to get out of going to work on a gloomy, rainy Monday....nope! Not me!

I did not finally roll out of bed forty mintues after the alarm went off!

I absolutely did NOT take a 5-minute shower and leave the house without washing my hair, taking off my make-up, or ironing my clothes! way!

I for sure did not stop by McDonald's for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit on my way to work! never!

And, I, for sure, was NOT miserable at school all day because my child was stretched out and I felt like every rib was breaking! Not at all!

Lastly, I would never have been watching the clock praying to go home all day! No way would I do such a thing?!?

Anyone else ever have days like this? Needless to say, I came home, took a nap, then a shower (and washed my hair), and still made it to church on time. We are having a gospel meeting this week through Wednesday, and it has been very uplifting so far. Maybe I should've started out by going to church this morning instead of tonight! LOL Oh well, hope to have a better day tomorrow. I'm off to bed now....

Happy Monday! xoxo, Kara C:

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