Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cooperating baby = Great Day!!

Well, I was supposed to have an afternoon ultrasound and dr's appt, but the dr. who reads the ultrasounds was leaving early, so I had to go early; therefore, I had to take the day off....hate that! lol  But, then our county went 2 hours late due to weather, so I was kinda wishing I had worked today.....oh well!

On the good note, I was just hoping and praying that Harper would cooperate this time so that they could do the fetal echo and tell her worry-wort momma that she is just as perfect as I think she is.....and guess what???  THEY DID!  After laying flat of my back for about an hour, they were able to see everything that they had hoped to see plus more.  She just laid there like a good girl and let them look at her pretty heart.  She is not breeched at the moment and she is face forward.  Hallelujah!  While I was waiting, I asked if they did 4D ultrasounds in their office, because I wanted to pay to have that done....and guess what??  They do, and they offered to do it for free one time while I'm already in the office.  SUPER! :)  They thought they may be able to do it today, but she had her face buried...oh well.  We are going to try again next Tuesday!  

On another happy momma note, they totally made my day today when they told me about this picture....Do you know what that arrow is pointing to........HAIR!!!!!!!  If you know me at all, you know that I have been saying since I found out that we were expecting that this poor child wouldn't have a bit of hair.......SHE ALREADY DOES!!!  I was so, so, so excited!  I know it sounds ridiculous, and those few strands are all she probably has, but I'll take what I can get.  I absolutely LOVE baby it!  This child will have a bow on her head regardless if she has a lot of hair or not, but I'm glad she'll at least have a little bit! :) :) :) :)

After the looooooonnnnngggg ultrasound, I went on down to my dr's appt, and they were able to work me in early...or so they said.  I ended up being there for over 2 hours.  Whew!  But, they did the non-stress test, and at least Harper wasn't under any stress.  LOL  I ended up missing lunch w/ my mama and her bestie, but at least we know everything is going well!  I got the packet to register for the hospital and for all the classes they offer, and I have all of that filled out and ready to go back!  It has been a very productive day for the Fustons!

Brandon stayed at home today while our windows were cleaned and then he hung all the blinds back up and put our new armoire together!  I am so proud of him for accomplishing so much today!  I love days when I come home to things that are finished!  That makes me a happy camper! :)

Okay, I'll be wrapping up my post now, but I want to end with a few cutie-patootie things that we have accumulated in our house know how bad I'm hating that, right? ha:)

This is a book I bought for Harper at school.  It's so sweet and I thought it'd be a quiet something for her church bag!  It's all about praising God and his beautiful creations.  I love it and I know she will too!

The next picture is of some burp cloths that I made for Miss Harper.  I just absolutely love the one on top w/ the polka-dots!  The striped one is the first burp cloth that I ever it is a little rough around the edges, but it was made with love and it's for me, so I don't mind! 

The white pantiloom outfit is the first thing I ever bought for Harper.  It came from Whipper Snappers and was on sale!  (Gotta love a good sale on cute clothes!)  I took it to my favorite embroidery shop and had it all fixed up w/ a coordinating bow.  I can see her wearing this next spring/summer with some little pink sandals.  What do you think?

And, I know I showed this bag when I ordered it, but look at the finished product!  I just love everything monogrammed!  I think it turned out so cute and added just the finishing touch that it needed!

Also, just an update....I feel a lot better today.  Still snotty (lovely), but overall, I feel better!  I am so thankful!  I hope everyone is having a blessed week.....I'll keep you posted on our progress around here over the next few days!  Goodnight all!

xoxo, Kara C:

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Annette said...

Love all your little pretties!! Is the diaper bag plastic? Because Ashley has one and I know she would love to have it monagramed but I didn't know if you could do that on plastic. Who do you get to do your monagramming???? I have ordered her some burp clothes from someone local but yours a way cute!!!