Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail....hoppin' down the bunny trail

Today has been a wonderful, busy day!  First, we got up extra early so that I could get everything together and make it in time to surprise my mama and daddy at church.  We don't get to visit my old church very often, so it was nice to see everyone there.  After church, we had a small photo shoot at my parents' house before going to eat dinner with the fam.  All the pics of Brandon and I weren't very good, so here's my weekly (or should be) picture.  I can't get over how I'm growing all of a sudden!  This is me at 30 weeks....only 9 more to go (at the most!)We had lunch and an egg hunt at my aunt and uncle's house and, of course, we all ate waaaayyyy too much....but it was sooooo good!  Before we ate, we had another photo shoot, courtesy of my cousin Emily.  The shirt I had on is not very photogenic, so here's the best one we could get...And, Brandon keeps picking on me because I am all of  a sudden growing...I haven't really looked pregnant, and now I do.  He says he loves it, but he loves picking at me even more.  So, today, I said, "Fine then, let's see who's belly is bigger?"  I'll let you be the judge of that...Hmmm....Harper in mommy's belly....who's in daddy's?????  Just kidding...I love his little belly!  But, I love his sense of humor and ability to laugh with me even more.

Here is a picture of my parents!  Aren't they sweet?

After the photo shoot, the life of the party arrived...I can't put in words how much I love this little girl!  She is so special to me and our family and I don't know what we did before she came into our lives.  I can't wait til Harper arrives, but I can't imagine loving a little girl anymore than I do this precious little thing!  

After stuffing our faces, we had our annual egg hunt....I stayed inside stretched out talking with my grandmother because I never get to see her or talk to her much!  Here is a pic my cousin shot during the wild hunt!  I thought it turned out great.....I can't wait til I have a little girl running around outside looking for eggs!

Speaking of sweet little girls, I have gotten picture messages from several of my friends today of their little girls all dressed up on Easter!  They all looked so beautiful and sweet and I can't wait to get our family all dressed up and take pix and go places!  I'm so excited!

Also, we had another busy, busy weekend!  We cleaned all day again on Saturday...thankfully, our house is coming together!  AND, tomorrow is a BIG DAY!  The lady is coming to paint Harper's room and the laundry room tomorrow.....YAY!!! And, her bedding should be here sometime this week!  I can't wait to see how everything comes together!  I'll be sure and post pics when we get everything! 

This will be a pretty relaxing week at school...thank goodness!  Our kids will begin taking TCAP this Tuesday, so I will have some time to get ready for what is next to come, and maybe read a little in between as well!  Hope everyone has a blessed, safe week!  Please keep this family in your prayers!  My brother graduated w/ the husband and father and my heart goes out to their families during this terrible time!  I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through during this time!

xoxo, Kara


Annette said...

What great pics. Glad you had a great Easter. Your mom and dad look great. We went to Sew Sweet yesterday and they were closed... Boo!! So we will have to go back. I may have to go by myself since Ashley doesn't get off work til 5 and they close at 5:30. It looked like a really great store.

Tera said...

You look so so cute pregnant. I wish I could get a good picture of me and Scott and his new belly lol... He needed it though. I think this pregnancy Scott has actually gained the weight.
Love the belly pics. Hope to see ya soon.

Lana said...

Hey! Your blog is so cute, too! I almost chose this layout! Cute Easter pictures!!! Your belly is just adorable! When are you due? Congrats!! I am getting married July 11th...just around the corner! It won't be long!! Good luck with the TCAP testing!