Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, I said before I started this blog, that I wanted it to be a positive please don't take this the wrong way.  There has just been something on my heart, and since this is my blog, I feel like I can vent here also. haha:)

Why do people have to be jealous and rude???  There are people who, as soon as something leaves their mouth, I say to myself, "Are you crazy???  Who says that to people?  Did you actually HEAR what you just said?"  I, usually, have a very thick skin.  I am always aggravating and picking at people, so I can take it!  But, when you are just plain RUDE....I can't take it!  So many people have hurt my feelings over stuff with this baby.  Whether it be her name or whatever, but I haven't said anything.  However, I have prayed about it, and I am at peace with our choice for our child's name!  We picked it because we liked it....that's it!  It's our baby and it should be our choice....don't you agree? 

Also, I am thankful and feel sooooo extremely blessed to be pregnant with this child, why can't people just let me enjoy it!  We wanted a baby so badly, but I was terrified that we either wouldn't be able to have children or that I would have far, neither have been an issue.  We conceived quickly and my health has never been better!  So, my question is, why can't people just be happy for us?  We would love to have more kids, but this may be our only chance, so please let us enjoy it!  My mom keeps worrying that people are going to talk about me for buying her stuff......I finally had enough and just told her....."If people have nothing better to do than talk about ME for buying stuff for MY child, then they need to get a life!!!"  This may be the only child we ever have, and I'd hate to know that I let some opinionated, self-centered, obviously miserable person sway my decisions on what I want her to have!  Not to be rude on my behalf, but who's business is it anyway?

In addition, I don't consider myself opiniated, but honest.  I'll give my opinion if it's asked for....not otherwise.  I really wish others did the same.  Enough said about that.....

Being pregnant has really made me want to be a better person and brought me closer to God.  I appreciate this opportunity to be a mother more than most of you will ever know.  It is not a decision or responsiblity that I take lightly......and I just want to enjoy every minute of it!  I am not picky, hard to please, or think that I am one ounce better than anyone else.  I want her to have what God is capable of letting us give her!  I appreciate ALL advice given....just not all opinions are welcome....especially of the negative nature!  

This is meant to be one of the happiest times in our lives.  I know that I have begun to be really careful of what I say and try my hardest to always be positive and offer support and advice when needed.  If you are someone who intentionally hurts other feelings to make yourself feel better, please stop!  It will come back to haunt you one day.   

In the meantime, we are going to continue to be thankful for our little unborn blessing.  We are so lucky to have a busy little girl growing in my belly and can't wait to meet her.  After all, God has told us in James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above... Who couldn't love this little face?

Feeling better.........xoxo :)


Tabetha said...

You are so pregnant! LOL. Today is a new day and you have fun spoiling that little baby girl rotten. Harper is lucky to have sucha great mommy waiting for her.

Ashley Taylor ( said...

Hey Kara! I don't have a blog but since almost everyone else in my family does.... I am constantly browsing. I LOVE this post. I'm sure you know through April's blog but I am exactly 2o weeks and 1 day pregnant and we get the same mess! *Especially* about the name we picked up. We are having a boy and his name is going to be "Lucas Tuff." We will be calling him Tuff and EVERYONE seems to hate it. (Except a small handful of course)At first I let it bother me a little bit, especially when I heard it from family... but eventually I started thinking the way you do. This is OUR child... and our blessing. Something we have to be excited about! :) By the way, I absolutely LOVE the name Harper. It's beautiful!!!! :) And congrats on the baby girl!!

Amber said...

People say stupid stuff to pregnant women. I don't know why. Just wait until you are like 8 or 9 months pregnant. it doesn't help that you have crazy hormones. I totally understand. People would ask me if I was having twins or they would just go WHOA look at you. Why would you say that to someone even if they looked like it.I only gained 28 pounds that is a normal amount. When she gets here no one will care what her name is and they won't be able to imagine there lives without her. Everyone will be just crazy about her! And happy she is just the way she is.Enjoy it all! You will laugh about some of it later.