Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dresses, Lights, and Bows....oh my!

I knew that I would love having a little girl....but oh my goodness....I think I'm going to love it more than I even thoguht!  heehee  These past few days have actually been very productive for us and I am so, so glad!  Well, as I said, we thought we had found a bed that we were going to buy, but I decided to look one more place before we made our purchase.  So, Monday, on my day off work, I went to Ready, Set, Grow in Cookeville and found the crib that I had been looking for!!!  I am absolutely tickled pink and can't wait for it to get here!

Then, I had a dr's appt on Tuesday and that went really well.  Harper and I are both doing really well.....growing! lol  I gained...8 pounds.....gasp! this month!!!!!  I about died!!!  But, my dr. thought I was hilarious!  She said not to worry about it because I have gained literally nothing since I found out that I was pregnant.  So, I guess I can deal with that!  I have to go back in 3 weeks and have an ecocardiogram done of her heart and a normal ultrasound.  Then, I go back in 3 more weeks (at 28 wks. pregnant) and have another ultrasound and dr's appt......after that, I go WEEKLY!  I was really hoping they'd put that off til later, but oh well!  I will have an ultrasound and non-stress test every, fun!  But, I'll deal with it if it means us both staying healthy! :)

On Wednesday, Brandon stayed inside because of the weather and he was also productive.  He hung Harper's new light fixture and finished putting the drawer pulls on the dresser and chest.  It looks so good....her little room is transferring into a sweet little nursery and I am thrilled!  We have a small house, but we are trying to make her room as sweet as can be!  Here are some of the changes.......


After......(we are moving/updating  everything on top!  Just the pulls and the frame are new!) lol

Her new light...........I LOVE it!  It dresses up the room so much!

Next, I wanted to show you her closet.....poor kid....I just know she's not going to ever have a thing to wear.....

After my dr's appt on Tuesday, I just had to run by Whipper Snappers while I was in Murfreesboro and they had all of their remaining spring/summer merchandise out and everything was 45% off.  So, I went ahead and bought Harper these shoes for this fall and, of course, you know I got a great deal on them....aren't they sweet?

And, then, I pray that the Lord blesses this child with hair....if not, we are going to have to invest some good money in some headbands!  She already has a good hairbow collection started....

And, finally, (I know you're probably getting bored), I wanted to show you what we got in the mail today!  I am loving some ebay right now! lol  This was my first purchase off ebay and I LOVE's so much prettier in person than I thought it would be!  Also, I took a picture of Harper's movie/book collection.  Someone asked the other day if she had any.....ahem.....of course!  Here's most of them and a few toys!

Thank you Lord for blessing us thus far with a healthy baby and pregnancy and please continue to be with us through the rest of this process.......we can NOT wait to be parents! xoxo

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Ashley said...

I know you don't know me, but I just love checking out your blog.IT is soo cute how into the baby you are. I like when people post what they are getting. It is adorable. Congrats!