Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Night TV

I LOVE Monday night TV!!!  There are so many shows on that I love to watch every week....right now, I am loving the bachelor....ahem....who couldn't love this guy......??? lol

And, now he has it down to three, wonderful girls.  I have said I'd never watch this show again because it never works out for them, but I truly feel like this guy is in it for love.  The reason I say this is because he has let some girls go that were drop dead gorgeous and would give up everything to be with him and kept some that I thought were not good enough for him.  However, I love his last three.  One of my favorites since the beginning has been Jillian....

I think she is so cute and funny....we'd definitely be friends!  I feel that she's the most down to earth and settled....although I'm afraid she won't be the one he chooses! :(

But, he has 2 other great options too......Melissa and Molly!  

The is the first season that I have really gotten into it in a while....I don't really care who he chooses because I don't think he could go wrong with any of them.  

Then, after the Bachelor, I usually watch "The City."  I'm such a sucker for reality tv, although Brandon says everything I watch is "soooo fake!" lol  Oh well.......I'll keep watching anyway!

But, tonight, we have even better plans that watching tv. lol  Our friends, Tommy and Erin, have invited us over to celebrate Brandon's upcoming birthday!  He is going to be 32 Thursday!!!!  I can't believe it.....We seem so young! lol  I know 32 is not old, but we feel like we should be like 18 and 20...not almost 25 and 32! lol  Oh well, age is just a number anyways right???  So, our TiVo will be in use all night recording our favorites as we spend some wonderful time with some wonderful friends!  

Happy Monday everyone!  I am going to enjoy my last day off and go shopping for my baby girl!  xoxo


Tabetha said...

Oh I love both shows. Marshall is always asking how I watch this stuff...LOL3

For some reason I really like Molly!

Andi Nave said...

I will be watching the Bachelor tonight too! I am so addicted!!! I liked Stefanie just because of her story but I knew she would not be one of the last 3.