Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A WONDERFUL VALENTINE'S DAY WITH THOSE YOU LOVE!!!  Valentine's has never been a very big deal to me....I guess it's cause I was always single when I was younger. lol  But, we do get each other a little something and usually try to go out to eat or something.  Well, here's what Brandon got me for having a little girl.............I love my pandora bracelet!!  Love, love, love it!!!  I love getting new charms and the meaning behind them mean so much more to me!  

Then, we got ready and headed to Murfreesboro with the hopes and plans of buying a crib that matches furniture we already have.....well not so much luck!  The crib did not match at all!  So, I was very discouraged.  But, we decided to go check in one more store and I think we've found the one we are going to buy.  I am soooo excited.  Then, we headed to Lowe's and bought a new light fixture for Harper's room (just wait til you see's gorgeous), and new drawer pulls for the furniture.  It's amazing how much better drawer pulls can make furniture look!  It made the whole set look so much cleaner and modern.  So, I was satisfied with that.  Then, we went to Target and bought a few other odds and ins for Harper's room.  Afterward, we met my mama and daddy at Cracker Barrell for dinner......I know I know.......soooooo romantic! lol But, we had a great's about spending time with your loved ones after all.  Just thought I'd fill you in on my fun-filled day. lol  I'll update some pics of our new things soon!

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!!!!

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