Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Baby......

Well, at our ultrasound Tuesday, the baby was not very cooperative to say the least....she is quite the busy body....wonder where she gets that from??? haha:)  Anyway, I was ecstatic that she was healthy.  But, I kinda left disappointed to say the least.  I am thankful and beyond blessed for this to have been so easy for us so far, but I just really wanted them to say "Oh my goodness, its positively a girl/boy!"  That didn't happen. lol  She kept sticking her foot in her crotch and rolling around.  Therefore, they did not get the 'money shot' that they want to be 100% sure of her gender.  She saw her girly parts twice and wrote down in the paperwork that it was a girl....but there's still that inkling of a chance....and I CAN NOT STAND IT!!!!!  Now, I KNOW it's a girl!  I just feel it in my heart.....don't get me wrong....I do not care either way as long as its healthy.....I just want to know for sure!  I've gotta get some stuff with her name on it....SOON! lol  But anyway, onto the other point, they were able to see all of her arms and legs and measure the bones well which is a big concern in diabetics, so that was great.  But, being so active, they were not able to see all the parts of the heart and back of her head.  At this point, I did not freak out at all because I've heard of this kind of thing happening all the time.  Then, when I met with the doctor, she acted like it was no big deal and that they'd do another one in 6-8 weeks.  Well, guess what?  They called me at work the next day and said nothing was wrong, but they wanted to go ahead and get some more week!  I am trying not to think about it and be positive since they'll be able to look for her girly parts again and hopefully tell me for sure, but I am a little worried.  I don't know why.....yes I do, because I have turned into a worry wort (thanks to you know who.....I <3 U)!  But, I would like for you to please keep us in your prayers as we go back for another ultrasound....please pray that they will see all of her heart and brain so that I won't worry myself to death!  I know it is in God's hands and I fully trust he will take care of us, and no matter what, we will love, take care, and spoil this baby like crazy!  I would just like for you to please pray for me to have peace and patience as we wait for this appointment and that our blessing is perfectly healthy!  Please pray..... XOXO

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