Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harper's first Halloween party

So our good friends, Tommy and Erin, always throw a huge Halloween party for all of Annabella's friends.  And this year, we got to go!  I was so excited to dress Harper all up and take her to her 1st Halloween party!  She was so cute and had such a good time!I bought her costume last November when I was less than 2 months pregnant! ha:)  I was blog hopping and found where a lady bought her daughter's costume at a killer price and when I visited the website, I saw this pumpkin and fell head over hills!  It retailed for over $40 and I bought it for $6.99!!  Can't beat that...and I thought it'd be perfect for a boy or girl!  And, in my opinion, it turned out pretty darn cute....All the kiddos were dressed up so sweet, and everywhere you looked, you saw a princess of some kind! :)  Annabella was dressed up as her favorite person...ArielWasn't she gorgeous?  Halloween night she wore a big red wig w/ pigtails and it was about the cutest, funniest thing I've ever laid my eyes on!  I'm so glad her and Harper will get to grow up together and be best friends.  She is so sweet w/ Harper and we are so thankful to have such good friends!
Speaking of good, Erin throws the best parties!  She just goes all out and all the little details make it awesome!  Here are some of the other guests....
The sweets table...And these were some of my favorites!  She made cupcakes w/ ghosts on top and these owls....are they not to die for?  They are moon pies, the eyes are oreos!!!!  How cute is that?
We loved it all!  
We had an AWESOME Halloween!  I'm not usually a big fan of Halloween, but it was so fun this year!  We carved pumpkins, went was so much fun!  I guess you get to be a little bit of kid yourself when you have kids!  Life is great!

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