Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harper's 1st trick-or-treating extravaganza!!

Wow!  I didn't realize what Halloween was all about, but I really racked up on my first Halloween!  We left around 11-ish that day and returned late, late that night!  We started off in our town and went to see daddy's family first!  Mommy thought it was so funny to see me riding in my car seat w/ my costume on...Our first stop was at Mimi, Grandad, and Aunt Randi's house...(sorry Gdad and Mimi, but the good pix with ya'll is on Auntie's camera!)Then we were off to see the grandmothers in McMinnville.  We also ran by Uncle A's house and he was so surprised that I was all dressed up!  He thought I was just going to have on a pumpkin hat! HA:)  He must not know my mommy too well! lol

After we left McMinnville, we headed toward Woodbury to pick up Granna.  Then we went to Lascassas to see NaNean and my Aunt Maxine, Uncle Ricky, Emily, and Nathan!  They were all getting dressed up to go to a Halloween party and I wasn't too sure what to think of them!NaNean thought I was the cutest little pumpkin she had ever seen!  We stayed and visited with her for a little while and I had so much fun laughing at her and rolling around in the floor!After that, we came back to Woodbury and caught my Aunt Kim, Maddie's granny, and my special Aunt Ang!They were all so excited to see me.....and I was Aunt Angela's first trick-or-treater of the night!  She had me a special bag of goodies made and momma was laughing because she said only teachers would give out pencils as Halloween treats!  Momma must have done that before too! ha:)  

After all my visiting, we headed back to Poppa and Granna's to relax!  They were so glad to finally get their hands on much so that everyone forgot to take a picture of me and Maddie together in our costumes! :(Oh well....I guess we have many more years for that!  Since we got home so late that night, momma got me all dressed up again the next day and made my picture with all my goodies and my cute jack-o-latern!  

Momma and Daddy kept telling everyone that I am rotten...whatever that means!  I just know I got tons of fun things that I can't wait to get my hands on!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween too!  Love you! 

Harper :)

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Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

I've been wondering what Miss Harper has been up to. She has grown so much but just as beautiful as ever.