Sunday, October 18, 2009 are you already 4 months old???

I know I have said it time and time again...but where on Earth does time go? This is miserable!! Brandon and I find ourselves asking where the past 4 months of our lives have gone? It has truly been the most rewarding and best 4 months of our lives, but it's bittersweet in that it is passing by WAY too quickly! With that being said, we feel so blessed and so, so fortunate to have the sweetest, cutest, good-natured four month old we've ever seen! ha:) (We're not biased AT ALL!) Harper is such a good much that I told Brandon I'm almost afraid to have anymore because I know they'll probably be completely different than her! She is just so precious!

So, what is Harper up to these days......

1. She still wears a size 1 diaper (same as when she came home from the hospital).

2. She wears 3-6 month clothes...and most 6 mons. are too big.

3. She weighs 14 lbs. 10 oz. and is 25 1/4 in. long.

4. She smiles, coos, and tries to talk ALL the time.

5. She is getting her own little personality and can squeal at the top of her makes me laugh histerically!

6. She is rolling e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!!!

7. She now sleeps on her tummy, with her hands underneath her body, and her little booty straight up in the really is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

8. She is really starting to take to her pacis, or su su as we call it, and she loves it when she naps or sleeps...but the rest of the time she couldn't care less!

9. She is such a good cuddler and loves sleeping w/ mommy....Momma loves it too! :)

10. She takes anywhere from 3-5 bottles a day. Her morning bottle is 7oz. and the rest of them are 6oz. We haven't started any cereal, juice, or baby food yet....don't know when I will....but it probably won't be too far in the future! We'll just wait and see! She's happy and healthy and I just hate to mess w/ anything right now!

11. She loves to be talked to and played with.

12. She loves to lay down and she loves TV!

13. She loves music and loves to be sang to...when we're at church singing, she just stares and smiles at the song leader! It's so sweet!

14. She's a good traveler and shopper....she just sleeps and lets mommy do what she needs to do! What more could you ask for?

We are soooooo blessed and thank God everyday for such a wonderful blessing from above. We don't know what we did to deserve to be this sweet baby's parents, but we sure are thankful he chose us to raise her and we can just hope and pray that we can raise her in a healthy, Christian household that God sees fit for her!

Hope you're all having a great week! Aren't you loving this weather?

xoxo, Kara C:

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April said...

OH MY...I see Kara all over her sweet sweet face!!! I am so happy for YOU TWO!!! I am glad it's going well and that you've been so abundantly blessed!