Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a super fun weekend?!?

Well I told you all about the fun, fun weekend we had with all of our visitors. WELL, I also said that Andi was there and took some hilarious shots....As you can probably tell, there is definitely a story behind this photo....let me explain so this doesn't end up on the Cannon Wire and people talking about my daddy for his dancing skills....ha:)  This was supposed to be a picture of the "adults" from back in the day! lol  WELL, Daddy and David have a history of picking on each other....c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y!!!  So, as Andi was trying to take the pic, Daddy was putting bunny ears on David, and then David would rub Daddy's knee....etc, etc.  So, Daddy thought he'd be funny and put his arms around the men and act silly.  Well, when he saw Andi try to snap a picture he tried to hurry and move his arms and vwah lah.....he looks like he's dancing like an Egyptian!!  Cracked me up....we were in tears when we saw this image!  Good times, good times!
But, as for the ladies....We were totally on our best behavior!  I miss seeing all these girls so, so much!  We were all the best of friends and were together constantly.  It was so good seeing them all at the same time and talking about old! I sound really old when I say that!  We definitely should try to at least make yearly trips to visit one another....we have too much fun together to let it go this long again!
Good times!  Just thought I'd share!
xoxo, Kara C:
p.s.-Thanks for the pics, Andrea!  I stole them off your blog! lol :)   

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