Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordy Wednesday!!!


WHEW!!!  Yesterday absolutely wore me out!!  We had 3 appointments to make on top of errands to run ALL over the place.  We started out the morning with B getting up and going to pick up a piece of machinery that he had bought on Saturday.  While he was gone, I got ready and got our clothes ready for the day.  As soon as he walked in the door, he changed and we left again.  We headed to Smithville to drop off a dish to have an arrangement made for our kitchen.  From there, we headed to Murfreesboro.  We had an ultrasound at 10:45, then an appt. w/ our dr. at 11:15.  The ultrasound went great....she scored 8 out of 8 on her biophysical profile and the tech told us again that she appeared to have a whole lot of hair! YAY!  Then, we met with our dr. for the last time until Miss Harper makes her arrival.....ahhhh!!!  So, we asked some generic questions about delivery and so forth, and we are as ready as we are going to be. :)  As soon as we finished up there, we headed toward Vanderbilt for my diabetic appt.  BUT, since we had a little time to grab a bite before the appt, we went to one of my fave places....Pancake Pantry!  Yummy in my tummy!  It was sooooo good!  So then, it was off to the dr.....I haven't seen my actual endocronologist since I was about 10 weeks pregnant, so needless to say, it was a little shock to her. LOL  That dr's appt went well and then we were off to do the fun stuff.....we had to run by a boutique in Green Hills to exchange a pair of shoes that my mom bought Harper and then we stopped by another to just look around.  I surprised myself because I didn't buy a thing!  (I guess it's hard to buy anything when she doesn't need anything! ha:)  Then, we headed back to M'boro and ran into 2 wrecks!  eeekkk!  I was so thankful B was with me and could navigate us around the areas that were backed up.  I am sooooo bad at maneuvering my way around on the interstate, so needless to say, we got back much sooner w/ him driving.  When we got back to M'boro, we had to run by Marshall's to exchange something and look for some shirts, then we went to Kirkland's on the search for one specific thing I wanted for our bathroom and they didn't have it, then we went to Payless because it's BOGO time and I absolutely love, love that store....and still didn't buy a thing. LOL  BUT, one of the funniest things we saw all day was this sign outside of Payless....B had to stop and make a big joke out of it and take a pix and send it to everyone in his contacts w/ a message that said "Please come support my wife.  We need the money to buy diapers!"  He's such a dork....but I love him! :)  At this point, my sugar was low, my stomach was growling, and I was getting grouchy! So, we stopped at Slick Pig for a bite to eat before heading home.  Again, yummy in my tummy!   Then, we just had to make a quick pit stop on our way home to see our precious niece and THEN, finally we were homeward bound!  Oh my goodness!!  We left at 9 am and returned around 8:15 pm!!!  Geeesshhh!!!  I was totally wiped out!  

So, I went to bed early and decided to get up and get some things accomplished this morning before I head out to my hair appt!  So, here are some updated pics of some things that have been going on around the Fuston home.....

Here's looking into Harper's nursery from the hallway....This is probably where I will spend much of my time once we are home.  Also, the crocheted piece above the rocker was handmade by one of our neighbors and it is so bright...thought it looked cute over the rocker!Her chest of drawers, as you can tell, still looks pretty much the same.  I'm waiting on her lamp shade to get finished so that will help it look a little more complete.  I haven't decided for sure what's going to go on the wall above this yet......hmmmm......decisions, decisions!Then, I decided not to hang the mirror above her dresser.  I am going to hang this canvas w/ something in the middle (maybe a pic) and possibly a couple of shelves with some memorabilia from special events in her life.  I haven't totally decided how I'm going to do it yet, therefore, it's not finished! ha:)  Oh will come together in time!Here's a close up of the canvas.  Is it not to die for?  It was a gift from some of our neighbors and it matches her bedding perfectly!Here's the other die for!  It's going to be soooo darling hanging above her crib.  I'll post more pics when everything is completely finished!Here's a close up of her crib canvas! off to the stuff that MUST be done.  Can you guess what I'm going to be finishing up this weekend???That's right....PACKING!  I have put it off absolutely as long as I can!  It is that time and I need to get it done so I'll be prepared just in case this little girl decides to come on early! ha:)

Next, we have sooooo much that goes on during May and June.  And, with this baby coming, I have had to plan I have been getting prepared for some upcoming birthdays and Father's day as well.In addition, I have to get all of our goodies ready for the hospital.  We are having custom cookies made for favors by the awesome Ms. Paula so that part is all taken care of!  But, we are taking little goodie bags to give all of the nurses that take care of us during our stay just as a little thank you!  I need to get those all finished up as well.....And, last but not least, I received another Mother's Day present Monday!  Aunt Randi bought me this adorable little photo album for my purse to put Miss Harper's pics in.  It came from Initial Outfitters and I love, love, love it!  I can't wait to fill it up! LOLWell, I guess that's about it for now, folks!  We are just nesting and trying to get ready for the biggest change of our lives!  I'll keep everyone posted of the events over the next 12 DAYS and then we will for sure be posting while at the hospital.....I'll have to show Miss H off to the bloggy world! :)  That sounds so nice...knowing she's going to be here! YAY!  

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day and this beautiful weather....I'm off to get my hair done!  Tootles!

xoxo, Kara C:


Natasha Vaughn, Cake Designer said...

I love Harper's bedding.

WCMS Cheerleaders said...

It looks like things are coming together. The bedding turned out really cute. The sign is too funny and I will make sure I cheer you on.

LeAnne Grissom said...

Love her bedroom. I know you are excited about Harpers arrival. Hey, tell B that we will come out and support you in your swim suit competion on the 20th LOL. That was priceless. Hope you have a good weekend.

LaceyBuchanan said...

Sooo adorable! You're making me get the itch!! lol