Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not that you care what I've been doing....

Since I had such a long post on Wednesday, I thought I'd wait until I had something to tell before I posted! Needless to say, we haven't done anything super exciting the last few days.  We've been gone a lot and spent some great time with family and friends, but I forgot to take my camera until last night. :(

On Thursday, my best friend Angela and I got together for lunch and she brought over my b'day present.  We met her mom at LaCazona and then we went for a shopping spree at Big Lots! LOL  Actually, we went so maybe I could find an outdoor rug and something cute for my back luck w/ those things, BUT we racked up.  They had a bunch of Martha Stewart stationary for $2!!!!  You can't put great paper products on that much of a sale and not expect teachers to go crazy!  So, we bought all kinds of goodies!!  Then, that night, B and I went out to eat w/ some of our best friends, Tommy and Erin, and their little girl!  They wanted to get together one last time before Miss Harper was kinda sad! :(  This was the last time that the 5 of us will go out to eat without another little girl....exciting but also kinda sad!  Oh well, at least from now on, Annabella will have someone to play with besides us! :)  I'm sure she'll enjoy that!

Then on Friday, I had to go back to the dr. for my non-stress test and to get checked!  Well, guess what......NO CHANGES!!!  I mean, I guess no news is good news....she's just not ready.  But, I was hoping to at least be dialated to a 1.....oh well!  I called my mom as I was leaving and told her, "At least we know Harper loves her momma," she wanted to know what I meant, and I said, "because she wants to stay in there....she doesn't want to come out and meet everybody else!" LOL  Of course I was kidding, but I do think she loves her momma already! ha! =)

Then Friday night was Relay for Life in Warren County.  We have never been, so I had told B earlier that if I felt okay, then I wanted to go check it out.  It was a lot of fun, and we got to see a lot of people that we don't get to see that often, so it was nice!  

Now, on to Saturday....since next Saturday I am liable to be a basket of nerves and frantically trying to finish up some last minute to-do items, I thought that this Saturday I wanted to just get out and do some things that I wanted to do.  So, my mama and I headed to Cookeville to do some shopping.....and this time, I didn't buy H a thing! Shocker, I know?!? We went to Ready, Set, Grow to look for a thing or two...but I didn't see anything that I had to have.  Then, we went to lunch at my favorite....Cheddar's!  Sooooooo yummy!!  Then, we went to Kirkland's, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx!  We racked up!  I was needing a few odd and ends for here and there around the house and then Old Navy had all dresses and skirts for $15, so I spent my b'day money there!  Then, I went over to TJ Maxx to tell mama I was done shopping and ended up buying 2 new chairs for horseshows and such and some cutesy shirts for AFTER H is here!  I was so excited to buy something cute and back to normal size! LOL

After our shopping trip, we were off to Woodbury to a horseshow.....guess who shows in the very first class that we can't miss....By far the cutest horse rider I've ever seen....don't you agree?Showing off her winning blue ribbon....LOLReady to go somewhere....With her FAVORITE aunt and  (I told B to take our pic and to be sure and shoot down so I didn't look huge....well, here's the result...the sun was in our eyes!  Oh get the gist of it...)Overall, we had a nice weekend!  We are definitely on the countdown now!  Next Sunday, we will be going into the hospital to begin the process to have this little girl.  Right now, I am feeling good.  I FEEL ready....whatever that means!  I just hope and pray that everything goes as planned and goes smoothly....I know that no matter what I think may happen or what I expect, there are going to be some kinks thrown in there....I am flexible!  I just hope for no huge surprises!  I'll keep  you posted....please keep us in your prayers!

Well, I've got to get ready for church!  Enjoy this beautiful day!

xoxo, Kara C:


Beverly Bryan said...

You will be in my prayers as time gets closer. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope that you will have the time to keep posting once Miss Harper gets here. I know you are excited!

Ashley said...

Hey Kara! It sounds like baby Harper wants to stay in that tummy of yours. Lol. I was completely shocked to hear you haven't even dilated to a ONE yet. I am exactly 35 weeks today (5 weeks to go) and I found out this morning we are already dilated to a ONE and 60% of phase!!! WOW... I was soooo excited to hear that news. :) Mom wanted me to let you know that she hasn't forgotten about you and she has been thinking of you. She left for Florida the Saturday before last and she will be back this Saturday night.... Anyways, I just wanted to wish you luck on your process. I know you're ready, as am I...