Friday, May 15, 2009

Mid 20's and 30's....

WHEW!!!!  What a whirlwind this weekend has been!  It seems like we have been gone the entire time.  First, on Friday, we went to the Cannon County Good Ole' Days!  It's an annual event held in my hometown that consists of little vendors, games, pageants, etc.  I always enjoy going because I get to see people that I really only see once or twice a year.  Then, yesterday, we attended two weddings!  A couple at our church got married and then one of my oldest friends from before kindergarten (Andrea, the one who made our maternity pics) got married and I read a scripture during her wedding.  Talk about gorgous!?!  Her wedding was held at the historic Lillie Belle's in Franklin and it is to die for.  So cutesy, modern, and classic.  Loved it!  The details were amazing and she looked gorgeous!

Also, as of this weekend, I am now 25 years old and 35 weeks pregnant! Never would I have thought that I would've waited til I was 25 to have my first child, but here I am! I have a wonderful life.....I have a loving family, husband, a good job, a warm/cool home, food in the refrigerator, a car to drive, and a healthy baby in my belly! LIFE CAN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!!!

We go for our basic ultrasound and our growth ultrasound, which they only do every 3 weeks, this Tuesday!  I am so excited!  The ultrasound tech said to get everyone's guesses as to what she weighed now, so Brandon and I have been writing them down.  She weighed approximately 4 lbs. and 14 oz. three weeks ago......what do YOU think she will weigh this week?  I'm anxious to see who gets the closest!  Leave me a comment w/ your guess!!!  Here are the guesses from family and friends so far:
Me..aka...Momma - 6.5-6.7
B.....aka...Daddy    - 6.0-6.2
Granna                   - 6.3-6.4
Grammie               - 5.8
Bro. B                     - 5.10


Tabetha said...

Look at you mommy!

I am going to say 6.3

LeAnne Grissom said...

I am thinking about 6.4 - 6.5

Thanks for the sweet comment you left about Melissa. Hey I was 23 before I had my first one then 27 for the next. You still have time for a few more!!! Have a great week.