Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I couldn't think of anything better to title this post because that is exactly what we are.  I can not tell you how nice and thoughtful people have been to us....I think I'm going to miss being pregnant because people are constantly encouraging us and supporting us and telling me how cute I am!  heehee :)  Well, today was no different.  I was supposed to have a brief Reading/Language Arts meeting this afternoon after school.  WELL, look how that "meeting" went......I was totally shocked and surprised at what these two had pulled off!  Usually, I pick up on things, but they did very well at keeping me in the dark.  After I walked in, I was so embarrassed and shaking.  I love surprises, but I feel like everyone has gone over and beyond what I ever  imagined!Here are some of the guests hiding out....Today, we received  some more cutesy things and lots of diapers and wipes.  Hallelujah!  I think we are set until she grows out of size 2's.....however everyone keeps telling me that I'll be surprised.  Her closet keeps getting more and more full and I don't know where we are going to put another thing!  I just LOVE it!Jane Ann's favorite color is red, so she knew that Harper didn't have anything like this, so she said she wanted to buy her something that "she" liked! LOL  I have the best /craziest friends!

Okay, onto the pictures that I have been promising for a while!  I received a threatening email today (just know who you are) telling me that they were going to boycott my blog if I didn't upload pics TONIGHT!  So, even with swollen feet and very worn out from such a busy day, I knew I had to get these on here!  Now that these items have arrived, I am ready for a baby!  She can come anytime she feels ready! LOL

Here is a picture of Harper's crib!  There is a little bit of a story behind it.  We....I thought I had to have all this baby furniture.  Well, the more we looked, the more a crib appealed to me!  I love the way they look!  So, since we had an extra bedroom suite, I thought, "Why not just get a crib that matches the other pieces of furniture and then when she outgrows it, we can just use the bed that goes w/ it?"  So, we went looking for a crib and after many hours of searching, I saw this one in a little pamphlet and fell in love with it!  I matched the wood to a drawer from the dresser and ta da........The only issue is that is it a little larger than I thought, so I, of course, stressed myself out the night we brought it home thinking it didn't look right!  Well, I have since then gotten used to it, and I still absolutely love it!!!!!!  (Thanks mama and daddy!)  It looks perfect in her room with all her cute bedding and I can't wait to just lay her in it!  It seems so huge for such a small baby!  Here's a closer view of her bedding.....And here's a better front on view.I am soooooo thrilled with the way everything turned out!  I love her bed, I love her bedding, I just love it all!  Now, all I need is a baby!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I am super busy and super booked.....but blessed and loving every minute of it.  I am really beginning to feel (ahem...and look) pregnant and I just can't wait to meet our baby girl!  It won't be long!!!  I have a big birthday rolling around this weekend and we have a super busy weekend planned!  I told Brandon all I wanted was a week off to stay at home! ha:)  

Happy hump day! 

xoxo, Kara C:


Annette said...

Love Love Love the bedding and the crib is also beautiful. Where did you get it. I don't think I have seen it before and believe me we have looked at alot!!!

Her room is gonna be precious!!! And you look so pretty. Pregnancy agrees with you.

Annette said...

And did I mention I love love love the green walls????

LeAnne Grissom said...

I love Harpers bed. It looks so cute all put together, but I bet she want sleep there much. I did Clint's room up in cowboys and horses and was so excited about it and he against his dad's wishes slept in his little portable bed in our room. Her intials on the the padding is cute! Looks like you had a great suprise too. Have a great week and enjoys what little sleep you will get these last few days.

Anonymous said...

I love it Kara!! It is so cute! I knew it would be. I hope you have a great birthday! I can't wait to meet Harper!


Bethany Wiseman said...

Beautiful!!!! I love everything about this adorable room!!!! She will love her room!!!

Bethany wiseman