Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lots and lots going on

I think everyone would agree when I say that December is one of the busiest months of the year!  Whew!  But, this year, I want to make sure to sit back and enjoy the small things.  This is Harper's first Christmas and our first Christmas as a I am expecting it to be extra special!  I can't wait! :)  

Some of the things that I really enjoy that takes place during the first of the month are all of the surrounding parades.  This year, we just made it to the Woodbury parade and we had so much fun standing around with all of my family. I was afraid all the sirens and loud noises would bother Harper and Madelyn, but it didn't phase them a bit!  As a matter of fact, as soon as all the fire trucks and loud things went by, Harper rolled right over into Brandon and went sounds asleep!  We had such a good time and even though it was very cold (it was the morning we had snow), we bundled everyone up and enjoyed the moment.  After the parade, we went and had lunch with my mom and then went on the tour of homes.  Has anyone else ever gone on one of those?  I LOVE it!  It's always so neat to see everyone's houses and businesses and the different things that everyone has.  I'd love to be a part of that one day...when I have my dream house! :)

Other than that, since I've got such a small space to work with, I've had to move all my sewing stuff into Brandon's office.  When we moved his desk out of the back bedroom to make room for baby, I told him he needed to set me up a corner to spread out all of my sewing stuff...not that I have much!  Well, I've been wrapping presents on that desk, but I decided that I wanted to make Maddie a Christmas shirt.  A lady I work with made one and I used her idea but tweaked it a little bit.  Instead of traditional Christmas colors, I made Maddie's hot pink, lime green, and brown...I thought it turned out so cute for my first try!  I hope she looks as cute in it as I thought it turned out!  Well, as I was showing it off (HA c:), my mom's best friend mentioned that her daughter had a Christmas program at school and needed something like that to wear!  WELL, I jumped right on it!  I love sewing and when other people actually like my stuff and want me to make something for them, I think that is the best compliment ever!  So, I made her a present shirt, ruffled jeans, and a matching hairbow!  I can't wait to get a picture of her in it...but for the meantime...I guess a cell picture will have to do....Other than that, have I mentioned how mobile my child has gotten?  I just knew she'd be crawling by Christmas, but she's not quite there...YET!  She is so funny...she gets up on all fours, and then just slides back down on her stomach.  But, let me tell you, that doesn't stop her.  She is beginning to get into things and it is so funny.  Last night, she even got a hold of my tree skirt and put it in her mouth...where E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. goes!  EVERYTHING!!! lol  But anyway, today, I needed to run in the kitchen for a sec, so I laid her in the middle of the living room floor, and guess where she ended up...How on Earth did you get there, Miss Harper Claire?  Isn't she about the cutest, sweetest thing you've ever seen?!?  I sure think so!  She's such a mess and I love every single ounce of her!  She's been such a wonderful blessing and we thank God for blessing our lives so much!  

Well, as of today, I officially have 6 days and 2 hours of school left...hallelujah!  I know we just had a week off for Thanksgiving break, but I'm ready for 2 more weeks off!  It will be so nice to sleep in and just enjoy the time with family and friends!  Hope everyone else is having a happy holiday season so far!  Love and peace to all!

xoxo, Kara C:


Annette said...

She is so precious Kara and she is getting around so good. So far Tuff doesn't like to be on his stomach and he will only stay that way for about 2 minutes. So I don't know when he will start crawling.
I love love love the shirts. You have a great talent and maybe I can get you to make shirts for all 3 of my grandbabies. You could make some shopping money from those cute little clothes....

Lana said...

Harper is just the cutest thing!! I love those are super talented! I wish I could do that! :) I know what you mean...I am counting down the days until Christmas break!

Brandie said...

You made those?! Awesome!

lauravandiford said...

Look at you Miss Crafty! I love the shirt! Too cute! Harper will definitely be crawling my Christmas. This is such a fun age. You can see so much of their personality!