Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm dreaming of white Christmas....

Oh how great it feels to say those words!  I don't think I could express the depth of my excitement for this week to be here!  ONE....I am off work for 2 weeks!  2 WEEKS!!!  I think that's what I'm the most excited about!'s our first Christmas as a family and we have sooo much to celebrate and be thankful for!  But, of course, most of all, we are most thankful for our newest addition to our family...Harper has been such a blessing to us in so many different ways and it's just hard to put it all into words!  We ooh and ahh over her every second of every day...and I know people probably get tired of hearing us talk about her...but oh well!  ha:)  She is our life now and we wouldn't have it any other way!

This Christmas, we will celebrate at least eight times!  Yes....eight times! :)  We open up the madness having our friends Christmas w/ Tommy, Erin, and Annabella.  Then, Christmas Eve, we go to my parents house and have our big Christmas with them, and then my mom's family that night.  Christmas day, we will start off by opening our presents that Santa left, then go to Brandon's family's house.  Then, off to his dad's family's Christmas, and then back to Woodbury for my dad's family's Christmas! WHEW!  And, then as if that weren't enough, we will go Sunday to do our Christmas with Ivie, and then we still have to get together with my friends Angela and Jane Ann somewhere in there!  Family life doesn't equal a calm life...but, hey...we're loving it!  

First off, we had Christmas w/ the Culwells.  Erin and I have been doing Weight Watchers and we go every Monday night.  So, usually we do something with them we decided just to get together for our Christmas after our meeting (that's why I'm dressed in the lightest clothes I could find! ha:)  Anyway, we had a great meal, and then the girls had a blast opening their first gifts.  I didn't think Harper would care too much about it, but she totally surprised me.  She pulled at the paper and everything...but she just wanted to put the paper in her mouth!  Oh was still cute!

Harper got a gorgeous sweater dress, books, an ornament w/ a picture of her and her best little friendie, and some pj's!  She really racked up!  Harper gave Annabella an Ariel roller suitcase, a BFF shirt, and an ornament w/ a picture of them from the hospital when Harper was born that says "Best friends from the start!" on the turned out so cute!  I love having such awesome friends that we are each close with and comfortable being ourselves around.  It started out with Brandon and Tommy being best friends in Kindergarten and now the wives and the daughters are best friends too!  It's such a great feeling.  I know that I can call on them and depend on them whenever I need anything.....A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!  This has been a great year for us and they have been there for us each step of the way!  What a great time to spend with all those you love!

xoxo, Kara C:

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