Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big girl bed

As I mentioned in her 5 month post, Harper sleeps in her own big girl bed now. I knew from the start that I didn't want her sleeping with us just because I know it's a terrible habit to start and one that's difficult to break. HOWEVER, what I didn't realize is how big of a transition it would be for ME!!! She began by sleeping in a pack and play in our room. Well, she had gotten to the point where she wiggled so much at night, she ended up the next morning with her head at the very top. So, I knew it was transition it was just the doing it part. Brandon and my mama kept saying I needed to go ahead and do it, but I guess I'm like a kid, and it had to be on my own terms. So, I had said by Christmas....well, one night on the way home from church, I told Brandon I thought I'd put her in her own bed and see how it went. He automatically started making a big deal about it and I told him to stop! ha:) Well, she LOVED it. She slept so soundly...but I got up more than my fair share that night. I was so worried about her and every time I'd go in to check on her she was snug as a bug! So, the next morning, I realized how silly I was probably acting, so I took pictures so I could show you how FAR she really was from us....ha:) I know you're all laughing hysterically...but hey, I am a first time mommy and any transition is rough!
She was super funny the next morning. When she woke up, she just kept looking around like, "Whoa! Where am I? This place is pretty!"So, needless to say, she slept in her crib for the first time Nov. 1st, and I am just now getting used to it. I left her pack and play set up for quite a while, hoping she'd want to come back! lol Nope, not a chance. So, I finally took it down and accepted that my baby is growing up....tear! :( I've always heard parents say that everything goes by so quickly, and yeah, I knew it did...but never expected it to be like this....she is going to be six months old in 9 days people!!!!!!! Where does the time go? And, of course, all these older mommas love making fun of me...but that's okay. I'm soaking it all in and just wondering what the 2nd child will be like?!?!?

xoxo, Kara C:

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