Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Football Time in Warren County!!

I have always kind of enjoyed going to some games...especially basketball....but since I've moved to Warren County, I've realized that sports are like another religion around here.  If you're not at the football games on Friday night, then you're nobody! ha:)  Maybe not that bad, but literally like everyone is there!  
Well, we started going some last year with our good friends to watch her brother play.  So, I was ready to gear up for football season this year...I just wasn't sure how Miss Harper would make it.  Well, she did fabulous!  Here she is on the way to the game....She was telling me how excited she was to be going to her first football game and show everyone her new Pioneers outfit! :)
She was soooo good and she just let us all pass her around and she didn't get fussy until it was feeding time.  Luckily, it wasn't just super hot outside, so she stayed pretty comfortable.
Not only was she good, but so was the game!!!  Our boys caught the ball on the kickoff and ran right for a touchdown!  What a great start to the game!  What made it even better was that Dekalb Co. beat us last year, so it was time to get them back!Coming from Woodbury, Dekalb was always our biggest rival, so I was glad to see Warren County beat them this's funny how rivals carry on through adulthood! lol
We also got to see Harper's favorite little cheerleader during half-time...We also got a special visit from Pioneer Jake...The plans were to have the girls picture made with Pioneer Jake, but Annabella acted so scared of him this year.  I'll have to admit...he is a little scary looking at first...but last year she loved him...and she still does this year...but from a distance! lol  I felt so sorry for her and felt so bad because she just cried and cried like she was terrified.  Pioneer Jake is a former student of mine whom I LOVE and think the world of!  He is such a great, talented kid and he still comes to visit me from time to time.  He tells everyone that Harper is his God daughter! ha:)
The girls watching the action...
Then Miss Annabella had to get her some loving from Harper...She is so sweet with Harper and I think they are going to be great friends when they get older!  Aren't they the sweetest thing you've ever seen?
We ended up leaving around the end of the third quarter because it was already past Harper's bedtime and I don't want to get her schedule all messed up this week since the Celebration starts this week and I know we'll probably be having some late, late nights!  
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I'm sure it'll be a busy one for me...but at least I'll be off on Friday! Whoo hoo!!!
xoxo, Kara C:


Kaibee said...

Glad to see that your girls enjoyed the game!! And Harper seems such a cutie!! There is just this thing about cutie babies that melts me!!!
And look who's all melted and mushy after visiting this blog!! :)

Tabetha said...

Love all the pictures of Harper. She is a doll.