Saturday, August 1, 2009

A day in the life of a teacher...

Well I have been a busy bee this week trying to get my classroom ready for school to start! It's a dreaded subject this weekend at the Fuston home, but I've put it off this long so I figured I better do it little by little to get it the way I wanted it. So, I went a few hours each day and worked and I feel a little bit better about it now. I thought I'd take a few pics so I could show everyone what I look at everyday at my job.....and I have to admit, it's not too bad! ha:)
Here's looking in my door from the hallway! I love how bright and colorful everything looks. Even though I teach 8th grade, I think they still enjoy having a bright and cheery classroom to come in to.This is the podium at the very front of my room (ignore all the cleaning supplies laying on top!) lol  The small board is where I write their topics for their daily journal writing and the word and quote of the week.This is looking at the front of the classroom.  I am adding our word wall underneath the larger board with all of the state vocabulary words.  The pink board to the right is where the students pick up their make-up work when they are absent and the computer is hooked up to our flat screen TV and is where we show power points, Brain Pop, etc.  I'm in LOVE with our new TV's!This is the side of the room you see when you walk in.  This is where they store their journals and turn in their assignments.  The class collages are something that I started my first year teaching and they're something the students really enjoy.  I take lots of magazines (hence the big gray tub) and they go through them and pick out things that they like.  I then make all of their photos and attach them to the middle and then they hang up all year and I send them home at the end of the year.Here's an example of what their collages may look like!  This is something that I always enjoyed doing, so I make one as an example for them to look at.  Now all I need is a picture...This is the other side of the room.  It's where the calendar , rules, and table of contents are located.  It's also the motivational side of my room.  I also have a place to put newspaper clippings for when they are in the paper for something.  Also, the far right side is my "All About Me" board.  This is something that our principal requires us to do.  It's a place for us to put up anything that is about us and our interests.  The kids really enjoy looking at these throughout the year....and I had to do a lot of updating to mine this year! I had to add all the new pics of my baby girl up there.....Then this is the back of the classroom.  It's my reading area and this year, I moved the desks under the bulletin board as a place for students to do make-up assignments or tests.  (Also, where the zebra pillow is laying is where my other hot pink chair goes!)Then, this is my desk area and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  I have my own little space and I love how it's kinda closed off from the rest of the classroom.Here's behind the desk....I still have to put up some new pics on my fridge and hang my other little bulletin board and add pics to it as well.Overall, I love the way my classroom looks.  I try to make it a place where I enjoy spending time and where my kids won't hate to come! ha:)  If you're a teacher (Sunday school, preschool....whatever), I'd love to see your classrooms too!  It may give me some ideas for next year!  Link up to this post and let's share!
Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already!  I just love seeing all the comments on that post so I may have to do giveaways more often! ha:)  Remember it's over Thursday and Harper will draw a winner on Friday!  
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
xoxo, Kara C:


Annette said...

I love your classroom. I don't see many 8th grade classrooms that look that classy!! Ha!
Anyway, I know you are dreading going back to school. But, things will work out and you get all the holidays, Christmas, Fall Break, Spring Break off to enjoy those special times with Ms. Harper.

WCMS Cheerleaders said...

It looks like you got finished on Friday. Your room looks good!

Susan said...

I love your room Kara!! It looks like a great place a teenager would want to hangout in that's for sure!

That's a great idea about showing your classroom on your blog. I will have to take my camera with me when I go out to mine and put some on my blog.

Have a nice last week before the kidos come!

Tiffany said...

I love your classroom. I wish I had a teacher with a cool room like that when I was in school.

Lana said...

I absolutely LOVE your room!! It is so cute, Kara! I especially love the zebra print and your desk area! It is so cute and I bet your students love you!

I also posted pictures of my classroom a few days ago!

Brandie said...

What a great room! I can tell that you have put a lot of time and effort into it. I agree that the bright and colorful atmosphere appeals to every age. I think I am going to use your collage idea! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

Hey Kara: Love the room. What a beautiful baby girl!!!! Ugh, I am in school all week with kiddos full day Friday! Oh well, when is our next holiday???? ha