Monday, February 15, 2010

Harper is 8 months old!

My sweet little girl is getting sooo big! I still can't believe that eight months have passed since she arrived. She is our world! Brandon and I don't know what we did before she came around...we must've been really boring! ha:)

I was packing up some of her clothes that don't fit anymore and I could've cried when I had to pack up the bow she wore home from the hospital....

so I decided, just for kicks, to put it in one last time...OOOOOOOOhhhhh, how my heart broke! :( It makes me so sad that she's growing so quickly. I want her to develop, of course, but I just wish these baby days didn't go by so quickly!

However, I love how Harper is growing, changing, and doing new things everyday! She is at the age where she is so much fun! It's hilarious when we leave her playing in the living room to run in the other room for 2 seconds, and when we return, she's no where to be found! I just have to laugh when this happens because as soon as I yell her name, here she'll come crawling around the corner! She is the joy of our lives!

At 8 months, Harper is:

-wearing size 2 diapers

-wearing anywhere from 6-9 months clothes

-crawling and pulling up everywhere and on everything!!!

-babbling all the time (da-da is her favorite) :(

-has her 2 bottom teeth completely in

-eats 3-4 six ounce bottles each day plus cereal w/ fruit for breakfast, veggies at lunch, and veggies and a fruit/dessert at supper

-LOVES her yogart melt snacks

-takes 2 naps everyday and sleeps around 10 hours each night

-is really beginning to "play" with her toys

-is the absolute highlight of our lives!

Harper Claire, you'll never know how much you truly mean to your daddy and me. I'm so thankful that God chose us to be your parents because you are such a special baby to us! You're a social butterfly and loved by so many people...I hope one day you'll know how blessed you are! Love you baby girl!*By the way, Harper had to be a little model for the shop where we get many of her clothes and all of our things monogrammed, so that's where the pics came from. You can see their full post here.


Kristin Green said...

okay seriously Anden is in size 3 diapers, wears 6-9 months AND eats 3-4 8 ounce bottles with cereal and fruit for breakfast, veggies and lunch and supper haha I must have one little porker!! lol but I love every roll of him haha

Kristin Green said...

i loooove her outfit too by the way!!