Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I'll have to say that this was the absolute BEST Valentine's Day ever!! Not only did my husband get me tulips and an hour massage (LOVE IT), but we sooooo enjoyed spending the day w/ Harper! She is getting to be more fun with each and every day that passes. Of course, she didn't know it was any special day, all she knew was that she got to play with something VERY fun....

TISSUE PAPER!! I'm pretty sure that is one of her favorite things right now! ha:) She could not have cared less about her presents, she just liked the wrapping. So, after I assisted her with getting all of her goodies out, I let her have a ball.And my beautiful flowers from Daddy...I wanted to have a family picture on Harper's first Valentine's Day and just did not work out as I wanted...We did the timer thing and that didn't work, so I opted for a good picture to at least have....well...a picture! ha:) Harper looks tired, Brandon looks scared, and I look pasty! Lovely! lol

After church, I decided I needed to get a picture of Harper with all of her goodies since I've done that every holiday! I am quickly seeing how having a busy 8 month old is not quite as easy to get her to be photogenic as it was when she was itty bitty! BUT, while I was getting everything ready and before I got Harper ready, I caught her doing this....She had pulled her new capris off the couch and was chewing on the tags. It was so cute so I just had to take a picture! So I finally got her all ready and just knew I'd get a cutesy picture....and here's what I got...Gees! Can't a girl get a break? All I needed was a little smile....but I.WAS.NOT.GETTING.IT.FROM.HER!! No ma'am! Oh well...these will have to work! Since you can't really tell anything in this picture, I wanted some closer up of her goodies.After all was said and done, I think she was happy....cause THEN she decided to flash me one of these....Oh, how I love my little Valentine! Hope you had a happy day with your loves!

xoxo, Kara C:

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Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

She is the cutest thing. I love her little orange nose. I remember when my 21 year old had the orange nose. sniff, sniff