Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I know I'm several days late...and I hope this is NOT how the rest of my year will be! ha:)  I'll be honest, I really haven't wanted to do this post because it makes me sad!  Sad because 2009 was, so far, the best year of my life!  I think you all know why...This little angel has brought more love and joy to our lives than we ever thought imaginable!  If you are reading this and trying to decide whether to conceive/adopt/whatever....DO IT!!!  It is the BEST decision we have ever made in our whole life!  

And, with 2010, I know that I have to plan a 1st birthday party! :(  I am so excited and already shopping around for her party supplies, but at the same time.....first birthday!!!  How can the first year already be 1/2 over??  Oh...the grief! lol  

But, also in 2010, we have an awesome trip to the beach planned that will be super fun, my little cousin is getting married so we are working on an awesome bridal shower for her, then looking forward to her wedding, then the next weekend will the birthday party!  So, I'm going to really try to build my excitement for that as I also look forward to the sun and sand....and the birthday behind me! ha:)

For 2010, there are several things I want:

1.  I want to be a better Christian, mother, wife, daughter, and teacher.

2.  I want to be successful in my goal of losing weight.  (Ideally, I'd love to lose 50-70 lbs.  Right now, I'm at 13.4....wish me luck!)

3.  I want to quit worrying about the small stuff and things that don't matter and put all my faith in God.  He will take care of us!  

4.  I want to feel like I am doing the best things for me and my family!  There are days that I doubt my decisions and am filled with sadness and guilt for not being able to stay at home with my baby...but I want to know that it's what God has planned for our family!

5.  I want to work on always being happy and seeing the positive side of every situation!

6.  I created this blog to keep a journal of our life/what we do...and I want to be better at blogging!  I really enjoy it and love all the comments, so I want to do better!  I want to have this for Harper to look back on when she gets older.

What do you want to work on for the new year??? I said I'm going to be cheerful and look forward, SOOOOO I'm going to share some of Harper's birthday stuff with you!  I know I'm planning waaaayyyy ahead, but that's just how I do things! ha:)  So, here are the napkins...It doesn't really have a "theme" but I'm just going to use all bright things in pink, lime, yellow, and turquoise!  I've also found the invites that I LOVE!! I have it narrowed down to a few, but they all have the same idea!  This was my first favorite...But then I saw these that I fell in love with too!  You use a picture from each month up until 1 year...Then this is another version similar to the first, but with more picture options...Please tell me...which is your favorite??  I love them I just wanna see what the popular opinion is! 

This party is going to be outside in our back yard in late afternoon and on into the night.  So, I see these in bright colors hanging in the trees...LOVE IT!!!  Okay...maybe I can get excited about it before June! ha:)

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe 2010 thus far! 

xoxo, Kara C:



I love the colors for her party!!!! I really like the invite that you can put a pictures for each month. That will show everyone how she has changed and how much she has grew each month.. Good Luck!!!

lauravandiford said...

I love the bright colors! I love all the invites. They are all super cute. We are planning Gracie's cupcake birthday and it is soooo much fun!

Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

I love, love, love the one with the pictures for every month on there. I think it would be really cool to be able to see how she's grown over the first year.

Annette said...

Oh Kara, you are doing a great job as a can tell just by seeing how happy your sweet Harper is...I love her 6 months pics and can't wait for Tuff to have his done. Andi is doing his on the 23rd of this month.
Love the birthday theme and also would love to know where you get Harper's smocked dresses know we are having a granddaughter who will have to be dressed like a young lady...HeHe

Lana said...

I LOVE all of your invites!! Oh my gosh Kara, they are SO cute!! I love #1 especially and #2 with all of the pictures! It all looks like so much fun! Her birthday party decorations will look great!!

I like your resolutions, especially the one about not worrying so much...that is so me! I worry over everything and drive myself (and my husband) crazy! Haha!

Good luck picking out an invitation! I don't think you can go wrong with those!

Kristin Green said...

love the colors!! I like the one with all the pictures up until they are 1!! super cute!