Thursday, January 7, 2010

Harper's a busy girl!

WHEW! I remember when she was all tiny and just slept and ate what felt like all the time. Brandon and I talked everyday about how much easier it was than we ever thought and that we'd like to have another one....SOON! W-E-L-L....let me just tell you...Harper has gotten busier and so have we! ha:) It's definitely not a bad thing, but it's definitely made me re-think the whole wanting to have another one soon idea! lol I enjoy being a momma sooooooooo much...much more than I even thought I would. I always say that God meant for me to be a momma and I truly believe that! But, since Harper has gotten around more, I've realized that having a kid is work! I know those of you with toddlers running around everywhere like crazy are laughing your head off saying, "She thinks she's busy now...just wait!" ha:) I know! I wouldn't trade my active 6 month old for anything in the world! It just makes me realize that two small kiddos may be out of the question!

So, what is Harper doing? Well she can get a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. she wants just by scooting and crawling backwards. She did take a few forward crawls tonight and we were so excited! Then, on Sun, Jan 3, she sat alone for the first time! I was so excited! I just kept saying Yay! and clapping my hands and she would just grin so big like she knew she had done something special! ha:) Excuse my beautiful self in the photo, I had to stay close to make sure she didn't topple over...which she's done several times! So now her new thing is crawling backwards, then she'll put out one foot and turn herself around a few times, then go from the crawling stance to sitting...and she's so proud of herself when she does this!This Sunday, we were at B's parents' house and she was sitting in the floor playing with her daddy's Mickey Mouse...She LOVES it! She would just squeal at him, then knock him was so cute!

So, what else is she doing...Well we have "introduced" her to a sippy cup, but she's not real crazy about it just yet! She'd rather just chew on the tip and throw it on the ground than actually drink anything out of it! My mom thinks it's too early, and the dr. said anytime between 6-9 months, but I hated for her to be 9 months old before she ever held/saw/experienced one. So, typically, I give it to her once a day with juice and let her play with it. She's getting better and has actually learned how to get a little bit out! But here's what I think she really thinks about her new cup....

Also, Aunt Randi helped Harper contribute to a great missionary work. The son of a teacher that I work with goes to Honduras every summer to do mission work. He is graduating in May with a social work degree and going back over there for the summer. After his last trip, he and his friend began talking about how there were no libraries over there. They then came up with this idea of making a mobile library to take to these 10 (I think) close villages and letting the children check out books. WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA!!! So, she has bought several herself, but also asked if any teacher would like to pick a title to buy to send, or to donate money to go toward books they don't have yet. She's then going to put a name plate inside each book with the person's name who bought/donated it. So, Aunt Randi let Harper send two books...I thought that was a wonderful idea! Harper is so blessed to be surrounded by teachers and has a plethora of books, so I was glad she was able to do this. I plan on just giving her some money and letting her buy books that have not yet been purchased! However, she did have the Twilight series in Spanish that I was really tempted to buy! Honduras MUST be introduced to the world of Edward! ha:)

And, last but not least, the thing that has caused us the most problems...or laundry should I say! We have been going through bibs and burp cloths like C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Harper has been a drooling monster since she was almost 3 months old, but it's gotten considerably worse over the last few months. WELL, my mom found that Harper cut her first tooth on Christmas day! What a great present. As I started looking, I noticed the next day that the one right beside it was about to cut through too...and sure enough it did 2 days later. We were super duper excited to see some toothies! And she's so cute showing them off too. BUT, of course when I tried to get a picture of her toothies, she did everything but want to show them to me...

Shoot...still can't see them...So I decided to just dig for

And then the little turkey decided to flash a big smile to mommy and I got em! Yay...sweet success! lolShe is such a mess and we wouldn't have it any other way. It seems like she's growing, changing, and doing something new every single day! We have such a wonderful life and I'm so thankful for my sweet baby girl! She started doing one more thing right before we left for a birthday party tonight...I'll just have to show you later! (It's good...check back!)

I'm going to have to go to bed! I've been out of school for almost a week and it looks like it's about to come to an end...I wish we could get just one more day...but I've said that everyday! ha:) So, I better try to get some rest so I can educate some young minds tomorrow! :)

xoxo, Kara C:


Annette said...

Gosh she is growing so fast. She is just precious.

Ashley said...

She is so beautiful Kara! Tuff has just turned 6 months old, last Thursday to be exact! He has been sitting up by his self for about 2 weeks now! He HATES his stomach so no signs of crawling yet. He wants to get on his stomach soooo bad, but once he gets over on it, he begins to cry! Haha. No teeth yet either. I definitely don't want to put a rush on any of it. I get sadder every month that goes by. I just can't believe how big he's gotten! Andrea is doing his 6 month pictures this Saturday and after seeing yours, I just can't wait to see the outcome!!!! I love all of Harper's pictures! She's gorgeous for SURE!!! :)

tatum said...

what happened to aunt randi's head in the picture of her and harper?