Thursday, July 8, 2010

Date Night!

Well, I don't get many date I have to choose them carefully! But, this one was even more than I was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! However, this was not just an ordinary date night! I went on a date w/ two of my all-time favorite gals to see our all-time favorite vampire!
That's right....we went on a date to see ECLIPSE and it was WONDERFUL! Brandon thinks it's hilarious that most nights I'm out by ten at the latest...but I can stay up until 2 am to watch a stupid movie about vampires and warewolves! ha! And, I totally see his point, but it's ooohh soooooo good!

If you know me at all, you know I am NOT a fan of leaving my baby when I could be spending quality time with her. I hate leaving her every day when I have to I DO NOT leave her when I do not absolutely have to. But, when the movie is at midnight, I'm able to put her to bed and then leave. That way, I don't have anything to feel guilty about...and I think THAT is why I am able to enjoy myself so much! And, Brandon is totally okay with it as long as he doesn't have to go! ha!
We were joking inside the theatre that by the time they get all the movies out, all the teeny-boppers will be middle-aged. lol Which means I'll be a senior citizen! ha! If you wanna make yourself feel old....go to a Twilight movie and stand in line w/ a bunch of teenagers! lol I always say I'm afraid I feel out of that's why I take 2 kiddos with me! lol I just love it...and Edward! OH MY! I just can't help myself! lol How many of you are Twi-lovers? And, of course, the infamous question....are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
xoxo, Kara C:


Tabetha said...

Definately TEAM EDWARD! He is so dreamy.

Amber said...

I went at midnight too! It was so fun! I went with some girls from work. I am character/book team Edward and real life team Taylor Lautner.