Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things I'm looking forward to....

As we come upon my FAVORITE season of them all, I am so excited because I have sooooo many things to look forward to.  October is a super busy month for the Fuston's, but we have lots of fun, exciting things planned and places to go.  

The first thing on our agenda is a short trip w/ great friends to Gatlinburg.  We don't plan on doing much but shopping, eating :), relaxing, and spending quality time with one another!  Sounds like a great time to me! ha!  And, nothing looks better right now that relaxing in a beautiful cabin and staring at the beautiful surroundings.............I'm so excited!  I can't wait!This month we are also going to the Autumn Street Fair, Bell Buckle craft fair, have a hayride/cookout at church, and with my family, family pictures, and of course Halloween!  I'll be completely honest....I'm not a big Halloween person usually........BUT of course I will be this year because I will be carrying around the cutest little pumpkin you have ever seen....Is she not just about the cutest thing you've ever laid your eyes on? lol I know I'm not biased AT ALL....but you gotta admit....this is a pretty sweet picture!

And, even though this doesn't happen until November, another thing that I'm super pumped about is the release of this movie........I remember when I said I'd never read this series, and I did it anyway and I'm so in love with Edward!  Oh my...........can't wait to see this movie.  I've already told Brandon that I wanted to go to the midnight premiere and stand in line w/ all the teenagers! ha:)  He said that'd be just fine that him and Harper would be at home in the bed when it was over! lol

Don't you just love this weather?  If you have anything exciting coming up, please do share!  I love this time of year....I love sitting by the fire in comfy sweatshirts, the beautiful colors of fall, all the get-togethers, decorating for the holidays....EVERYTHING about it!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Kara C:

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