Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take your daughter to work day...

The other day while Brandon was working, his mom and sister put Harper in her "Princess of the Farm" John Deere onesie and took her outside for a photo shoot w/ daddy! When he brought her home, he was worried because he had gotten her outfit dirty! ha:) I told him it would wash right now...I've learned not to stress over stuff like that....that's what they make Dreft and washing machines for!
Well, I was just sitting here thinking about how sweet of a little family I have, and I thought I'd share a few cute photos on a Tuesday morning....Harper is 3 months old today, by the way! :( Where does the time go?
I'll do a longer post later, but I just wanted to share these!
Have a blessed day and work week!
xoxo, Kara C:


Annette said...

Ha!! She will be quite the farmers daughter:) She is precious!!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely precious! I have some pictures of my husband with our oldest son on the bulldozer. It's too cute to see those little tiny ones on a big machine in Daddy's arms. Nothing like the love of a Daddy. Oh, and trust me.... the dirty clothes just get more and more from here. Well, maybe not for girls but my son sure supplies his fare share to the laundry pile! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Lisa said...

How cute! Harper is such a cutie and I can tell you and Brandon are great parents!